Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movie Review: Taken

How have I not blogged about Taken?

This movie is a delight. Liam Neeson is just so NICE (made me cry in the first 7 minutes)--and then so hardcore and effective. I LOVE effective killers. I never had to worry about his ability to take down as many people as necessary. It was all so easy for him, which made the movie almost entirely stress-free (at least, in that aspect). Plus it's cool because he's an older gent with all the awesome moves still.
The movie is really intense--I was gripping Kyle's hand so long that my fingers were sore afterwards. The deaths were all really satisfying too. Nothing too gross, but they were all such bad guys that they totally deserved to get it. There were a lot of look-at-Kyle-with-my-mouth-hanging-open-in-excitement moments. And I loved how Liam never felt bad about it, or had to wrestle with his conscience to get anything done. (They keep trying to pull that on 24 this season...but luckily, so far being wussy and by-the-book has gotten people nowhere, so we know that Jack's way is the best way.)
It made me want to be really nice to my dad for two reasons: 1)it just reminds you of the special father-daughter relationship and how much dads love their girls, and 2)if I ever get kidnapped and sold into slavery, I would want my dad to kill as many people as possible to save me. Kyle and I had a blast watching this movie and I definitely recommend it--unless you're really wussy about violence.
I just happen to love justified killing, is that so wrong?


Katy said...


Caitlin said...

I just got the best image of your sweet dad turning into a raving killer if any of his daughters were sold into slavery. And it made me laugh a little.

Kyle said...

The entire nation of France couldn't clean up its streets. Then Liam stepped in and the entire nation of France couldn't stop its streets from being cleaned up.

AnnaDee said...

Liam Neeson is the only reason my mother won't let me burn the dvd of Les Mis..which i want to because they didn't include Eponine, and thus ruined the entire thing.

i don't think Uncle Greg would hesitate even a moment.

Lauren R said...

My little brother thought it was the best movie ever. (Ethan, not Devin)