Thursday, February 19, 2009

MONSTER long weekend

Last weekend was phenomenal. I had a lot of expectations, ALL of which were met--how often does that happen?

After some Little Caesar's pizza, I convinced Kyle to see Twilight  in the dollar theater with me.   It still made me crack up, and Kyle did not slit his wrists in the theater, so I consider it a success.  Then we indulged in some Sonic slushes.  A fantastic date.

Mom and Dad were here!  Well they got in when I was sound asleep on Friday night and made it down to  Provo despite the snow.  So Saturday morning we brought them cinnamon rolls from Shirley's and we all hung out.  While Kyle did some last minute Valentine's errands, the rest of us visited Scott and Nancy and the kids and had a great time.

When Kyle joined us, he gave me presents and then it was time for the two of us to leave the rest of the group and do whatever his secret plan was.  I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a necklace that I LOVE and get many compliments on.  I also received a box of ear plugs.  What??  That was the hint about where we were going, but I have to admit that it didn't help me at all.  A rock concert?  Weird.  Kyle was also dressed in his hickiest clothes (that word just doesn't work)--cowboy shirt we got him in St. Johns tucked in to his jeans, and his rawhideish leather jacket.   He finally just had to tell me.  We were going to the MONSTER TRUCK JAM!!!!!!!  

Oh my gosh.  I was so excited.  It's cool enough on its own, but there is a little bit of back story to this event that makes it really sweet and romantic of Kyle.  Back in the summer of '07, when Kyle and I were getting to know each other and talking on the phone every night because I was in California, we used to laugh about how I should introduce him to opera and he should introduce me to monster truck rallies.  Haha, right? It dawned on me that I really wanted to go to one, so I spent a lot of time trying to find one that we could go to.  Unfortunately, the next one in our area of Utah wasn't until February 2009--and chances were, we wouldn't even know each other that far in the future.  There's a risk to being too optimistic, you know.  So we dropped the issue because it was too awkward to assume that we'd be together in 2009.  

But, as it turns out, we got MARRIED and somehow Kyle totally remembered and got us tickets.  GOOD tickets, too--we were in the 6th row, in perfect view of the mayhem.  I had a blast!  As soon as we walked in, we smelled dirt, exhaust, and cigarette smoke.  It was awesome.  We got hot dogs and popcorn and really enjoyed ourselves.  My favorite trucks were Maximum Destruction and Bulldozer, pictured below. 

There was no carnage, thankfully, but it was really neat to see the little cars get smashed to oblivion.  I kept thinking that the trucks were going to tip over but I guess that's the point!  They just bounced a lot when they landed.  The Super Moto-X guys were AWESOME too.  Seriously death-defying stunts.  My camera ran out of batteries before then, unfortunately.  My favorite part was the Freestyle portion of the competition.  I think Blue Thunder ended up winning?  It was really good that Kyle thought to bring ear plugs, otherwise I would be deaf right now and that would be too bad.

Ok, what else happened that day?  Oh, I got a great shirt at ANTHROPOLOGIE (yessss) to wear as Amanda's bridesmaid.  Ohhh I love Anthropologie.  We met Mom/Dad/Katy at Aunt Diana's house and had a great evening there.  We ate delicious take-out Bombay House, played with Boomer the Boxer dog, and watched a movie on their sweet projector in the basement.  It was really fun.  

My favorite kind of day!  We all got together in our jammies, read books/watched movies/took naps/ate grilled cheese sandwiches.  It was really fun.

Poor Kyle had to go to work while the rest of us played.  We drove up to the outlets in Park City and went kind of crazy!  I got the cutest clothes from Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.  My parents love me.  I also got a couple little presents for Kyle's birthday.  Once we got back to Provo and did some errands, we met Kyle for dinner at Gloria's Little Italy, which I love.  That bread, oh man.  By the time dinner was done, we had to race to get home in time for 24 and chocolate milkshakes!  It was a good episode and we were all very happy :)

Kyle and I went to work, but I ditched my one class so that I could hang out with Mom and Dad on their last day in town.  We hung out on campus and went shopping and ate lunch together.  The  biggest excitement (for me) is that we got a WII FIT!!!!  Kyle and I have been wanting one for AGES and we decided to spend the money that Grandma gave us for Christmas on one, but they've been sold out everywhere since then.  I finally found one at F.Y.E and snatched it up.  Kyle was so excited to get home and see it!  Since then, it's pretty much all I've been doing.  I love it!  It's a good thing I have it, so I wasn't too sad about my parents leaving.  We had so much fun together!  Thanks for the great weekend, Mom and Dad!

Now I'm back to real life and sad about it!


The Boob Nazi said...

Family time is always fun!!

Jennifer Ricks said...

Sonic Lime Cream Slush . . . mmmm!

Whitney said...

man...i am in awe of your weekend and totally jealous!!!!

Katy said...

Oh man, the weekend was so good, it is hard/nigh impossible to return to real life!

Julia Wooten said...

That's awesome! Now I want to go to a monster truck rally too... I love you babe! I was at a friend's house a couple weeks ago who lives in your complex, and saw you in her ward directory, so I made a mental note to talk to you asap. When shall we hang out? I was talking to taylor collins yesterday about you guys and i was going off about how much I love you and he was going off about how much he loves kyle... haha, call me sometime!

Lauren R said...

Sorry, you two still look way too hot to be at a Monster Truck Show!