Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some things that bug me/Some things I think are lame:

--Hearing my neighbors above me
--How it starts to snow JUST as my parking lot has finally melted
--When milk drips on my chin when I'm eating Frosted Flakes in bed
--How long it's been since I got to use MY computer (Kyle's is a bit too slow for me!)
--When a package comes, and you're not home, and the dude leaves a note saying that he'll come tomorrow because he needs your signature but you know you won't be home tomorrow either
--the 25 Things About Me dealio...most of the time
--Flakes (except for Frosted ones)
--The smell of a vacuum cleaner/hair dryer that's overheated or broken or whatever
--Movies with lame endings
--Not having a good book waiting for me
--People who are dumb
--Running out of something delicious
--Having to wait a million years for something you had an appointment for
--Private blogs
--Not being able to wear jeans to work
--Being uncool
--Hans never having straws
--My professor cancelling class, and then changing his mind
--the elusiveness of mini bagel dogs
--Not having all the ingredients for what you want to make
--When people don't look appropriate for the occasion
--Not having Lucy around 24/7


Nancy said...

"The elusiveness of mini bagel dogs..." Hilarious!

McKenzie said...

Private blogs? :( Sorry. Send me your e-mail address (kenzieut at gmail dot com) and I'll add you... we had some unfortunate incidences with a blog stalker, and for our sake (and all the friends who are linked to our blog) we figured it would be better.

Caitlin said...

The most annoying is when a private blogger posts a particularly judgmental/overall not appreciated comment on your blog and you have no idea who they are and thus you can't recant on their blog. That really annoys me.

TheMoncurs said...

You can make your own mini bagel dogs!

Granted, that is with full sized hot dogs but you could find mini ones, I'm sure.

Did you read my 25 things list? I was annoyed with all the tags and was all snarky for 24 things then I used 25 to reference my sex life. Fun.

We are always short on ingredients. Blah. Hate. Etc.

Katy said...

Frigging Hans and his inevitable lack of straws...that guy's got a lot of nerve.

Jaclyn said...

I love your list- lame things have been inundating my world lately, and your list made feel better about a few of them.