Thursday, February 5, 2009

I recant but not really

Ok. That last post was depressing. I try to NOT do that...but I was just feeling so sorry for myself! I've only ever written one other self-pity post that I can remember--and that was a long time ago. Ok so, looking on the bright side (which means pretending school doesn't exist)...

  • Talking to Amanda yesterday got me really excited about some things.
  • It's TV Thursday: Kath & Kim, The Office, and 30 Rock
  • Last night I went on a long walk with Kyle--wearing Tevas and socks. In my family, that's the mark of a TRUE hobo
  • Work is treating me real nice lately. My new boss makes me feel very appreciated and NOT worthless
  • It's Kyle's birthday in a couple of weeks and I LOVE Kyle's birthday
  • Mom and Dad are visiting next weekend!
  • I've been reading a TON which makes me so happy
  • Kyle's in charge of Valentine's Day this year (I did last year) and he has secret plans for us
  • Amanda is getting married in a month and two days
  • Which means a fun trip to Idaho with my friends
  • Which also means I get to go shopping for a bridesmaid outfit
  • And by "get to" I mean "I've already been looking for months and can't find the perfect thing and it's really stressing me out but in a good way, you know?"
  • I'm getting a haircut soon which is exciting and SO necessary
  • I WILL see Taken this weekend
  • I'm currently wearing my favorite Banana Republic shirt that Katy found me and Mom bought me
  • Did I mention Mom and Dad are coming soon?
  • And finally, the best thing ever...

That last one always cheers me up.


Christy said...

Oh that is so cute. Thank you-I'm glad she exists too. There are a lot of good things on that list! Do you have a color sample for your skirt? should I start helping you search online? you have time to get something mailed and just return it if the color or fit isnt right. Thanks for blogging!

Kyle said...

Can I see Taken with you? Carpe Liam.

Rica said...

I've heard that Taken is absolutely amazing. It makes me think I need to see it instead of the mindless drivel in movie theaters (He's Just Not That Into You), though we all need something mindless occasionally too.

Glad to hear work is treating you better, and you're getting another haircut! Where do you work again?