Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kyle is 25!

Kyle's birthday was so fun!  After school I spent the day cleaning the house and wrapping presents, and then Katy came over to make the cake.  When Kyle got home, we left Katy to slave away (slash read her book while the cake baked) and went to the mall to spend Kyle's massive gift card from his parents!  After he got a really great pair of jeans (he looks so hot! sorry Kyle) there wasn't anything else he wanted to get, so he spent some of the money on me!  He's so nice.  I got a CUTE shirt that I'm wearing right now and some jewelry.  No wonder I love Kyle's birthday, if I get presents too.

Then it was time for dinner!  The original plan was to go to Sizzler--Kyle has some great childhood memories there and hasn't been there for ever, because he figured I wouldn't like it.  Although he's probably right, I of course want to go anywhere Kyle chose on his birthday.   At the last second, though, Kyle changed his mind.  Why go somewhere you're not sure about when you know a place that can guarantee a delicious meal, right?  So we went to his real favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.  We were worried it would be a madhouse at 7:30 on Friday night, and  it was, but we shouldn't have worried.  We miraculously got a parking spot right in front of the door (that's always so exciting!) and when we managed to work our way through to the crowd to the hostess, she said "You can wait 45 minutes or sit in the cafe"--which was completely empty.  Umm, DUH! Why don't people take that option?  So we were immediately seated and had our food long before the idiots in the crowd were able to sit down.  It was exciting to us.  When we drove away from the restaurant, we even saw one of Kyle's mortal enemies.  We considered running said enemy down, as a bonus birthday gift, but we would have had to make a left turn.

Then it was time for PRESENTS!!!!  I love buying presents.  I love buying KYLE presents in particular.  He got a cool orange Fossil tshirt from Katy.  I got him a cool driving cap from Urban Outfitters, another nunchuck so we can box each other on the Wii, Flight of the Conchords on DVD, a journal, a very VERY manly loofah (he always uses mine!), and a subscription to Popular Science magazine.  

Katy's cake (I helped!) was awesome.  The cake she made for my birthday was covered in dead clowns, so Kyle's had a rat in a HMS Navy hat.  The backstory is long and complicated--but it's really funny, trust me.

Kyle's cuteness exceeds words.  Oh well.


TheMoncurs said...

Becca, you are too cute for words. I wish we made such a big deal about birthdays around here!

Also, are you loving Skulduggery Pleasant? I listened to it on CD last week and thought it was so awesome. I've heard it's not as good in actual book form though, so hopefully if you're doing the actual book you're still enjoying it.

The Boob Nazi said...

I just looked at your movie you last watched.... I totally just watched Underworld too! Bad movie watchers of the world unite! haha

Becca said...

Haha I LOVE Underworld! Katy and I even skipped school to see the 3rd's so trashy and delightful.

Becca said...

Oh, and so far, I'm unsure about Skulduggery Pleasant, but I'm leaning towards thinking it's awesome.

Celia said...

Becca. I love that hat!! And the cake is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am glad it was there for your breakfast needs.