Thursday, February 26, 2009

In which I get a better grade than I thought possible, and I give a quick recap of Birthday Week

You know that horrible paper I turned in that was on my list of Uncool Things? I got it back today and got a good grade on it.  WHAT THE FRICK??  That was the worst paper.  Seriously, my teacher must be on crack--oh but I'm grateful.  I actually really like that teacher, even though the class is totally not my thing and I hate it.  He's great though--that's the only reason I'm trying at all to get into that class.

Kyle is currently doing our taxes next to me and looking very manly.  We've been having a really great Birthday Week.  On Monday, Council Bluffs and Emily came over.  We ate pizza, watched 24, and played the Wii Fit.  Tuesday was a reawakening of Del Taco Tuesday! I sat and ate tacos with a table of boys.  It was really fun.  On Wednesday we ate at Nicolitalia's with Katy and Dad--mmm I forgot how much I like that place!  Tonight we went to KFC (Kyle's favorite fast food) because they have a new VALUE MENU!  Ok it's not quite as cheap as we hoped, but Kyle was so happy to eat there anyways.   He's been missing that honey barbecue sauce or whatever it is.  I'm not really a big fried chicken eater...I got a hot dog.  Tonight he opened some presents from his family which were WAY cool.  And tomorrow is the real deal!  It's his last night as a 24 year old.  Poor guy.  I love birthdays though--I'm so excited!


Kaity said...

I super miss you and katy and kyle and dad and nicolitalias.

Katy said...

Oh, Birthday Week, what times we've shared.

Jennifer Ricks said...

Nicoitalia rocks! We love that place!