Sunday, March 1, 2009


Awesome Things:
  • We went bowling on Friday night with Julia and Taylor.  Julia is our friend from Park Place and Taylor is Kyle's friend from Amarillo.  Julia and Taylor are dating.  It's awesome.  It didn't even matter that I suck at bowling.
  • Dad was here this week to help my uncle in Sandy.  It meant that he met us every night for dinner, which was really fun.  Last night we watched a scary vampire movie (it wasn't even good) and he finally got to see some Flight of the Conchords.  
  • Mom and Dad will be here in a couple weeks for Stephen's wedding!
  • Kyle did our taxes and we're getting back $2000 MORE than we expected.
  • We're planning our trip this summer.  There have been a number of plans, but we keep changing as our priorities shift.  I don't know how we'll ever decide.
  • On Friday we're driving to Boise to see one of our best friends get married!
  • This summer is going to be...amazing.  I feel like there are so many opportunities I can finally pounce on.  I have a lot of plans for myself.
  • It was warm today.  Katy called me tonight and wanted to go on a walk--and I went on a walk in SHORT SLEEVES.  I wasn't even cold!
  • I already did my homework for tomorrow.  I'm a do-it-right-before-class-starts student this semester, so it's a big deal.
I was going to make another list of sucky things, but I want to stay positive.


Janssen said...

Wow, I want your tax return! :)

amanda said...

I love your happy list. I also love that I am on it.

Jennifer Ricks said...

HOORAY for tax returns!

Katy said...

Way to keep it positive. Also, Boise Trip March 2009:Funtime Adventure 2000 will be the unforgettable event of a lifetime. In a good way.

Jaclyn said...

That's a fantastic list-- I love reading good news.

Celia said...

2,000 dollars more is a LOT more.