Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last weekend

It was traumatic.

First of all, Bill Buchanan Tribute Party.  Guys.  Most of you know of my love for Bill Buchanan.  I don't even know what to say about him.  He is just so trustworthy, so adult, so in charge, so capable, so hot, and so...manly.  I love him.  And last week on 24, he sacrificed himself to save the President, to get rid of the African terrorists, and to enable Jack to find out who was helping them on the outside (dang Jon Voight).  It was a wonderful death.  No torture, no fear--just bravery.  Jack sat next to his body and cried.  It was beautiful.

Of course I bawled.  Kyle held me while I sobbed, right before he did it, while he did it, and for the next 15 minutes.  It's so lame they killed him in the first 10 minutes of the episode--because what else could I possibly care about in the next 50 minutes?  Thanks to all those who called me or wrote on my facebook wall with their condolences.

Anyways, the actor who plays Bill, James Morrison, is in an X-Files episode.  I happen to own every single X-Files episode that was ever made, so we arranged a Bill tribute party.  We watched "Theef", which is a very memorable and freaky episode.  Bill (I mean, James) is great in it, and he even doesn't get killed by the voodoo-using psychopath!  Katy and Celia came over to watch it, and we made a cake in his honor.  Ok the cake is really ugly and in the picture the frosting is sliding down because I frosted it while the cake was still warm, my bad.  BUT...still fun.

8:11 is when the silent clock paid tribute to Bill, on the show.  Notice the sliding frosting. Also, my mourning garb.

During on particularly gross/scary part, Kyle left the room to wash the dishes instead of watching Bill's (I mean, James') (I mean, his character's) wife get fried in the MRI machine while her voodoo doll is in the microwave (seriously, it's gross) (I'm glad I forgot about this episode while I was getting my MRI last year).  Suddenly, I heard yelling.  Manly yelling, of course.  I also see Kyle gripping his hand, blood everywhere, rushing to the bathroom.  I freaked out and ran after him.  There was so much blood, I could hardly see the wound, but thank heavens his finger was still attached to his hand.  We soon discovered we have zero first aid in our house, other than Bandaids.  Putting those bandaids on his finger was only gross because afterwards my hands and wrists were covered in Kyle's blood.  

Kyle tried to convince us that he didn't need stitches, but Celia and Katy and I agreed that we should take him to the ER.  Which we did.  3 hours later, Kyle walked out with 12 stitches on his index finger of his right hand (that one's not useful or anything).  It was quite an ordeal.  The numbing was the WORST!  They stabbed his poor finger a million times with a gigantic needle, pushing in liquid that burns the whole way in, practically grazing up against his bone!  It was so painful.  The actual stitching was no big deal--although it was difficult because Kyle's finger kept gushing blood. much blood!  Kyle's finger was annoyingly numb for two whole days afterwards, and now it's just...painful.  But not TOO painful, I think.

Ok, a couple nasty gross wound pictures:

All because of a stupid Ikea glass.  I never knew dish-washing was so hazardous.

And one non-gross picture of Kyle in the hospital room:

What a trooper.  A super attractive trooper.

After getting to bed at like 1:30 AM, Katy and I did the Rex Lee Run the next morning.  It was pretty fun, and pretty sucky--I hate running, and suck at it, but it was fun with Katy.  And I got a tshirt.  And I helped cure cancer.  I did however NOT get a picture of us :(

Anyways, that was our adventure.  Now we're just trying to survive this week.  This weekend--actually, tomorrow--I get to see Mom and Dad!  They're coming for my cousin's wedding and I can't wait to hang out with them. 


TheMoncurs said...

The ONE EPISODE I have seen this season was the one were Bill died. I was devastated, of course. I love the cake..very fitting tribute.

Also, holy nasty wound, batman! Glad Kyle is ok!

Christy said...

EEEeeeeewww. You had to post a pic didn't you. I couldn't help but stare at it. gross-poor Kyle. Your cake was cute. Are you sure Katy wasn't stabbing her Kyle voo doo doll when the accident occurred?

karenanderson said...

I'm racing around getting lesson plans done and such--and I decided to take a blog break. Reading this made me giggle. I know, death and blood aren't in the least bit funny, but your writing was (and the comments!). I really needed a bright spot! Thanks!!!

Becca said...

Did I mention that Kyle refuses to bandage his finger? And that it freaks me out constantly? And that he has it creep up on me while I'm trying to go to sleep, just to scare the crap out of me?

Katy said...

Becca, you called my cake ugly. That little fact was supposed to remain between us!

Whitney said...

wow! that was intense! I'm glad Kyle was ok-ya know, I figure it's good. It helped you focus on Kyle's pain and forget about Bill for a few minutes-you still have Kyle so everything's still good.
i liked the cake.

Whitney said...

and get a firstaid kit!

Hansen Haven said...

I now have a new reason to "find" things at the hospital where I work. I will bring a few "leftovers" to start your first aid kit when I come down in April.

Hansen Haven said...

Um....this is Amanda, I forgot that I am still logged on to my extended family blog...sorry.

Nancy said...

Poor Kyle! Sarah had a bunch of stitches once on her thumb, index finger and middle finger from a big cut. The only thing worse than the numbing was when they left out a stitch they hadn't numbed and convinced us to just stitch. Um, never do that. Speaking of Sarah, she is getting baptized this Saturday!

Kaity said...

I thought that was a caterpillar

Kaity said...

a caterpillar that matches his shirt.