Monday, June 1, 2009

weekend update

Kyle and I had a great weekend!  We just felt so social and carefree.  First of all, Katy P. is moving--today.  I am SO sad because she has been one of my closest friends since I was a freshman in the dorms.  We lived together for ages and stayed friends even when she moved to Salt Lake.  We have a ton of memories together.  I am really going to miss her, and her boyfriend Chandler.  We went up to hang out with them one last time on Friday night, and it was awesome.  We ate at The Pie because Kyle was craving it--best pizza on the planet, I swear.  We went to the Gateway and hung out in our favorite stores, and went and got Italian sodas at this cute chocolate/desserty place by Katy P's house.  She passed on some awesome clothes, shoes, and accessories for Katy and me (wearing Katy P's hand-me-downs is what makes me cool).  And now she's gone and Utah is a bit sadder.  Man.  She was one of my few friends left in Utah!  I know that if I wanted, I could make new friends in my ward--but I tend to cling to my old friends instead of seeking out anyone new.

Saturday was also fun.  Kyle and I massively slept in, leaving the house at like 2 or 3 to go shopping at the mall (got a cute clearance shirt at Gap) and Costco (too crowded to actually wait in a line to just buy paper towels).  Then we went and got our free Blizzard at Dairy Queen--I think I'm finally converted to Blizzards.  The mint oreo was just delicious.  While there, Kyle mentioned that he really wanted to busy out the Smokey Joe, our cute little green barbecue grill.  We happened to know that Council Bluffs and Emily were hiking near Park City, and were planning on hanging out with us that night.  Therefore, of COURSE we called Alan and had a barbecue in CB's backyard before they got home.  They did get back in time to enjoy our dinner, however.  It was really good food and the boys did a good job grilling.  We hung out the rest of the night, watching The Bourne Ultimatum and reminiscing and coming up with devious schemes.  

Ok well...that's our update.  You're welcome, Mom :)


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Bryce said...

It's nice to see that I'm not the only one whose blog gets updated mainly for my mother's sake. :)

Christy said...

I talked to you yesterday and I hadn't heard any of that!Thanks for blogging!

Nancy said...

Okay, I've been so neglecting you by accident. I'm so sorry. We don't have much to offer, but if you are lonely, we can keep great company! Please call me if you need anything. Would you like to join us on any of our planned day outings? I'm so calling you tomorrow!