Thursday, May 28, 2009

In which I don't reveal too much about myself

I just made 2 lists for this post: 1) ways that I am vain and snobbish, and 2) ways that I am insecure and have low self-esteem.  But then I decided to not reveal so much about myself.  So, just let it be known that I am a total snob and also have a poor self-image.  I am sincere in both ways.  How does that work? I just don't know.

Now that I am totally an insomniac and can't fall asleep until 4 AM every night, I watch even more tv online.  Let's just say that Fringe makes it a lot more fun to stay up at night.  That show is so good!  I also get to look at Kyle more when he's asleep (pretend that instead of being creepy, it's sweet.  Ok?).  I have decided that when sleeping, he is absolutely beautiful.  Sorry, Kyle.  He's hot when he's awake, but when he's sleeping...beautiful is the only word for it.  Alan? As Kyle's former roommate, do you agree?  (Umm you should probably just say no.)

There was this sign in Hawaii on our trolley, saying who shouldn't be enjoying our trolley ride.  This is someone with heart problems:

This is someone who is pregnant:

For some reason, we thought that was so funny.  It looks like someone who is in love and someone with a giant tumor.  I wish that I was pregnant so that I could announce my pregnancy with that sign on my blog.   If you ever see it again on this blog, that will probably be why.

If anyone who reads this blog has some sweet hookups to a job in California that is micro/molecular biology related, PLEASE HIRE KYLE.  I want to move!


Kyle said...

Alan and I were always sure to face opposite walls when we slept. You're beautiful when you sleep too.

Jaclyn said...

I love those signs! Love your commentary too--