Sunday, June 28, 2009

I highly DON'T recommend Year One. I can deal with some off-color humor, as can Kyle, and we walked into this movie prepared (we thought). But MAN it was nasty, in pretty much every way imaginable. If it was funny and good enough, I could have seen past the gross parts--but there wasn't anything to redeem it. Michael Cera is still adorable though. I wish I had spent that money on another viewing of Star Trek instead. Kyle looks so much like Zachary Quinto sometimes. It's freaky.

The best shaved ice in Provo is across the street from Helaman Halls. I will be going there all summer. Last night we were forced to go to a different place, because the good one was closed--and it really wasn't nearly as delicious. Then we got attacked by bugs (really freaky ones that left HUGE mosquito-ish bites on Kyle and Alan's arms that disappeared a couple hours later--weird). It wasn't as cool as the other place. I was disappointed.

The Smith's manager special section OVERFLOWETH. You know how they usually have that one stand of cheap bakery items? Now it's that stand, plus THREE SHOPPING CARTS FULL. We went late last night and each got an item. I got powdered donuts, Alan got chocolate dipped donuts, and Kyle got a coconut cream pie. All were delicious. We sat and ate and watched Youtube clips into the wee hours. It was a great night.

My new tv obsession is So You Think You Can Dance? Christy begged me to start watching it so that she could have someone to talk to about it (she's been a fan for years) and it turns out I LOVE IT. It is so fun to watch! And apparently I like to watch dancing. Who knew? I like a lot of the dancers but my absolute favorite is JASON!!! I love him. I actually voted for him (I know, I know) because he's been in the bottom two couples for two weeks in a row now! Scary! Christy and I finally got to watch it together last week when my family was in town, and it was so fun. Both of our hearts stopped when we thought Jason was going to get kicked off. Now I'm going to make her vote every week to keep him safe. He and his partner Caitlin are just so cute. I know we're incredibly dorky, but man it is so fun!


Karen said...

Thanks for the warning on Year 1. I was ready to suggest we go there for FHE Sounds like a NO on that one.

Katy said...

WHAT you watched Delicatessen finally and I was not there?! AGH. I am so mad at you that if I lived in a post-apocalyptic society where it would be socially appropriate to kill and eat you I WOULD DO IT., yikes, really tipped my hand there, I guess.