Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad News and Good News

The Bad News:

I don't know where to begin.  I just hated this movie.  Katy and I saw it after school yesterday, hoping to have fun times, and were sorely disappointed.  The whole time I was watching it, I was thinking "Oh man, I can't wait to blog about this"--turns out Katy was thinking the same thing.  Unfortunately, neither of us has mustered the strength.  There's just too much.

It was upsetting.  It was gross.  It was scary. (Normally scary is good, just not in this movie.)  The whole point is all of these disasters that take place, which is fine--but they just showed way too many disturbing images.  (I don't think I'm getting soft in my old age, but it's possible....just not likely.)  The sound effects were often too loud (I have NEVER noticed that before, it's not like I'm weird about loud movies).  It was stupid.  It was sad but it didn't earn any of my emotional investment, so it just made me feel manipulated.  It was tragic without being beautiful.  It was hopeless!  Since when can we absolutely give up hope in humanity?!  None of the characters were likable--they were actually definitively UNlikable.  And most of the time I felt like liberal propaganda was being shoved down my throat.  

I never knew that I didn't like Nicolas Cage--come on man, It Could Happen To You was so good!  What happened?  Katy and I agreed that the movie would have been a lot easier to stomach if it had been pretty much ANYONE ELSE.  He was just awful and awkward and offputting.  

Anyways.  Instead of being fun, it was stupid.  At least Katy and I had a good time ranting about it as we left.  Her post about it might be less negative than mine--Katy could see some merit in the story, just took issue with the execution.

The Good News:

Kyle is going on a blogging spree!  If you are someone who reads Kyle's blog, you will know that this is very exciting.  Kyle is my favorite blogger in the world.  I get excited every time he blogs.  Before I knew him and just had a secret crush on him because he was hot/had an attractive name/was obviously cool, I stayed up all night reading his archives.  I remember sitting in my room with Celia, both of us at our laptops, at like 3 AM--laughing uproariously.   He is JUST SO FUNNY.  For a good time, I highly recommend his archives.  Anyways, his blogging has been LAME since we got married--that is, he doesn't blog very often.  He's finally realized how lame that is and figured out that if he wants people to read his blog, he's gotta blog more often.  SO.  April is the month of posts--and hopefully a better blogging habit will be established.  Check it well.  Check it often.  And you should probably comment so that it will finally get through to his brain that if he blogs regularly, people will read it regularly!  


The Boob Nazi said...

Yeah I guess I forgot about how stupid that movie was. Slash how scared my friend and I were that we held HANDS. You have to know that's a big deal for me!

The Boob Nazi said...

I mean, I forgot to BLOG about.... whatever.