Monday, April 27, 2009


Today was Day 1 of working full time for two weeks. I already feel pretty done with it, but hey, I like money. And once the two weeks is over, I'll never work there again! That actually kind of sucks because it's a great job, but still, no work is much better than work (when you're married to someone who has a sweet job).

Today wasn't too bad though. Especially not when compared to Kyle's work day--he has to work 11 hour shifts for the next two weeks. I went out to lunch with my work friend (Noodles & Co!) and went online shopping! I'm such a great employee, yeah? Jennifer gave me money for graduation and I was THRILLED to spend it all on books (plus While You Were Sleeping, which I really should own). Soon I'll have many packages of books in my mailbox. So exciting! Here are the books I got:

(Can you tell I'm in the mood for a certain genre?)

6 books! And 3 of those are the first books of 3 different series, so that opens the way for a multiplicity of new books. I hope they're good. All of them are based on recommendations, so hopefully I'll like them.

ALSO I found out that the sequel to Hunger Games is coming out in September. I'll probably hold my breath until then.

In other news: Celia, Katy, and the rest of my family are gone. I'm depressed. Very depressed.  Also depressing: the prospect of watching 24 tonight.  My heart just isn't in it anymore.


TheMoncurs said...

A. You must post your feelings on Forest of Hands and Teeth. Janssen was writing me text messages about wanting to slit her wrists while reading it but then a few days later was like, "actually..I kind of liked it." So I'm all torn about whether or not to read it.

B. CITY OF BONES! You will not be disappointed. And you can join our OMG WE ARE SO IN LOVE WITH JACE club. Because I know you are right thinking and thus will also fall in love with him.

C. If I Stay is an excellent choice. Prepare to cry.

TheMoncurs said...

Oh, and?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Graduating from college is something I um didn't do. So you kind of win at life right now and I am so jealous.

The Boob Nazi said...

So uh.... what are you doing now that you have a degree????

Lillian said...

Yay for graduation! I'm excited we got a picture together... :) Also, enjoy Sabriel! I really enjoyed that series.