Friday, May 1, 2009


How do I feel about...

I honestly don't feel it yet. It's fun to come home from work and not worry about homework, but I don't feel completely stress-free still. Everyone tells me it will hit in September when I'm not back in school--I guess we'll see. Graduation (ceremony) was pretty stressful, and I cared a lot more that it was Lucy's 2nd birthday, so I didn't care much for it. I got a beautiful pearl necklace from my parents as my graduation gift, as well as other awesome presents from other family members, so that helped me feel like I did something worthwhile--but I still don't feel like I achieved anything amazing. Maybe I just know that soon, I'll miss listening to amazing professors spout knowledge. Tonight I'm going out to dinner in Salt Lake City with some of my work friends as a little celebration that Jessica and I graduated. We're going to The Dodo, which I have always seen and wondered about--I'm pretty excited.

Almost Everyone I Normally Spend Time With Leaving Me:
Not cool, guys. On Sunday Lucy/Christy/Danny/Mom/Dad left and I was sad. I also had to say goodbye to KATY that day--that sucked big time. I really miss her. Celia is also gone (and ALSO on Sunday)--there goes one of my last friends! I've lived with/consistently hung out with Celia for the last 4 years. And I just found out last night that Katy P. is moving back to Seattle. I admit that I'm not handling this amazingly. I hate goodbyes more than anything. It makes me sad. I miss people. I still have people to be with--Kyle, for one. And we always hang out with CB/Emily, which is freakishly fun. But still--saying goodbye is the worst.

Working fulltime:
It's aight.

Not working starting May 11:
Really excited! Emily and I have all kinds of plans, related to: sewing projects, non-sewing projects, gardening, and cooking. In addition, I have a huge stack of books to read, a Netflix subscription to purchase, and an apartment that I'd love to keep clean.

Going to Hawaii in 2 weeks:

He's Just Not That Into You:
Mixed feelings. It was funny and entertaining and had some cute parts. But also, half the theater walked out (this being Provo and all). It was pretty nasty at times. Drew Barrymore continues to almost ruin every movie she's in, regardless of the size of her role, Scarlett Johansson was unbelievably trashy, and you can't help but hate skeazy Will from Alias. BUT I always like Justin Long even though his character was mostly a jerk, it was easy to identify with some of the poor pathetic girls, and Jennifer Connelly is super hot.

Anyways, I just want this work day to be over so I can go to dinner with Kyle and my friends. It will be most fun. Have you SEEN the menu? Have you HAD baked cream cheese, marinated in soy sauce, breaded with toasted sesame seeds, served with crackers and apple slices? I haven't either but I'm GOING TO. TONIGHT.


Kaity said...

hey, don't forget-i'm not around either. handle that.
haha i miss you.

Kyle said...

How I feel about you