Saturday, May 2, 2009

Puppy of my heart, I love you

This is Chi Chi.

Kyle and I gave him to Lucy for her 2nd birthday.

She loves him.
He walks and barks and "playfully pounces."

Chi Chi wakes people up in the morning and plays with the whole family.

You should hear his cute little bark.

He just has the cutest face.  And that bandana!

We love Chi Chi.


TheMoncurs said...

"Chichis" mean "boobies" in Spanish.

The more you know.

Jessica Rabbit said...

Yes, all your pictures look VERY loving. ;)

Caitlin said...

Ok, first, I haven't really been following Christy's blog so I haven't seen Lucy in a few months but holy cow she looks so old!

Second, hypno-birthing is all the rage these days, especially in Utah. A lot of the women I know who did it claim virtually no to little pain depending on how well they adhered to the program. There is another one called Hypno-babies that is hypno-birthing taken up a level. The midwife I talked to said these women are practically sleeping until they are ready to push. I'm convinced it's a good method, but the classes run $200-300. We still are deciding on whether or not to do it. I'm really cheap, but I guess less pain in childbirth (you know, without that nasty epidural) is probably worth the money.

Christy said...

We are still loving Chi Chi around here. Cute pics