Tuesday, January 14, 2014

january 14

My instagram is not working. Every time I try to insta a picture it crashes.  I've deleted it and reloaded it...same thing! Super irritating. So it's good I'm blogging again because I'm sure the grandparents are perishing without updates from their babies.

Jane LOVES the bouncy chair. I also love it.  She is willing to sit in that thing long enough for me to take a shower or make dinner.  It's just about the only thing that will entertain her for that long. I love watching her bounce and spin in that thing.

I'm obsessed with a local food truck, Waffle Love, and they introduced me to Biscoff. Oh my gosh it's good.  One night, Kyle made liege waffles (tricky and fancy) and got Biscoff to recreate the Waffle Love treat.  He said he's never going to make those waffles again because it took him 45 minutes to clean the waffle iron, but now we have a whole jar of Biscoff! Oh man I'm totally going to try it on toast as soon as I'm done with this post.

Ruby, pumping.  From her stomach?

 Sleeping Beauty reading to a rolling Jane.

Jane finally enjoys spending time on her tummy. She can roll, but doesn't do it often.  The only time she gets up on her knees in a crawling stance is when she's sick of being on her stomach and crying.

OBSESSED with grabbing her toes. It's a constant thing. I love it.

We took Ruby to her first Indian restaurant! She loved this painting of elephants. I thought she'd like the food more than she did--she did eat a ton of rice, but she thought the chicken was too spicy.  She thought the naan was okay--bizarre child, she doesn't understand that naan is the GREATEST FOOD IN THE WORLD.

Teething has struck. She was okay today, but yesterday was rough.

To make up for how awful yesterday was, Kyle took us to Zupas for dinner, my fave. Ruby always gets her own salad because she's obsessed. I was amazed at how much she eats--that bowl was overflowing when we got it! She ate that whole thing by herself.

Cute baby.

 Frozen party!

Ruby looked angelic at Rice King tonight.


Kyle said...

Just so everyone is aware of the trajedy lurking in the background of this post, our bread is moldy. Becca will go to bed tonight without her Biscoff and toast.

Christy said...

This post made me so happy-although I'm sorry you didn't get your Biscoff and toast:(

Elise Wehle said...

I'm so glad that you're raising your kids on Indian food.