Monday, January 6, 2014

First week of January

Hello! It's January!  This year I am really excited about my resolutions--one of which is to blog every week. EVERY WEEK.  The last few months have been terrible, blog-wise, and it's been stressing me out. The pressure of needing to blog was always in the back of my mind.  This is our family record, and Kyle gets it printed in a book for my birthday every year, and I don't want Jane to think I don't care about her babyhood!  So that's a big one and I hope I can stick with it.  Even if I just throw up a few pictures from that week.

Some years I really don't care much about making resolutions, or if I do make them, I barely think about keeping them.  But this year, I put much thought into what I should try to change, and I feel very optimistic that I will stay resolved.  Kyle and I are going to go on a date every month--with a real babysitter. We are going to have Family Home Evening (!) because now Ruby is old enough to know that we aren't doing it. I'm going to go to the temple every month.  I'm already going to a Pilates class twice a week, which I love, but I want to go to the gym more often than that and do cardio stuff, which I haaaate.

This week, in pictures.

 Waffle Love!  So good. Get the Biscoff...

 Visited with Grandpa Dee and Grandma Kay--Rubes got to fill the bird feeders.

Fun date with Celia and Eliza to The Chocolate.

I know it's ridiculous to buy a toy right after Christmas, but I had enough cash IN MY POCKET and she wanted it SO MUCH.  And really, I'm obsessed with Frozen so I wanted it too!

Our exciting New Years Eve! We ate Lil Smokies, drank Martinellis, and watched movies. I even got Kyle to stay up past midnight.

Jane is so freaking cute.

Ruby and Joey :)

Christy and Danny and girls spent the night at our house before they left Utah. Ruby misses her cousins.

The twins kill me with their Anna and Elsa dolls.

Frozen friends!

Ruby and Lucy had a sleepover.  It made Ruby SO HAPPY and she still talks about how fun it was.

Working on sitting up.

Ruby wore her "Christmas Eve dress" as she calls it to her first day in Primary. She LOVED Sunbeams.  She told me they sang a lot.

Primary must have really worn her out because she fell asleep on the couch...which never happens. This girl is so over naps.

Bonus Jane picture.


Katy said...

killing me becca. that is what these pictures are doing.

Christy said...

I am going to love this blog resolution!

Emily said...

Every time I see Ruby, she just keeps getting more grown-up. I can't even believe it. Totally impressed with your blog resolution!