Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ruby's First Recital

Halfway through December Ruby got to be in a ballet recital. It was THRILLING.  I was actually incredibly stressed about it, mostly because I was 1 of 2 moms who were in charge of wrangling Ruby's class during the recital, getting them backstage and in order and sitting in the auditorium etc.  It was quite a job--one that I will not be volunteering for in the future!  Ruby was so excited though, and not nervous at all, which I thought was surprising. The auditorium was huge!  The studio she goes to has a ton of students, so with all their families, it was a gigantic audience. I would have been freaking out. Her little class was very cute.  They performed 2 numbers-- Up On The Housetops and a Raggedy Ann song.  For a bunch of 2/3/4 year olds, they did pretty well!

It was really fun to get ready for it.  I spent a lot of time on her hair because that is SO HARD for me to do.  I think it turned out okay though.  She was so excited to have fancy makeup on.  They were required to wear red lipstick and turquoise eyeshadow...the rest was just fun.  I am in love with her cute costume.  It's so pretty!

I have a million pictures to post...

 I think these pics are from the dress rehearsal.

She and Eliza love each other so much. It's fun to watch.

 Kelsie was so nice to come and watch them!  She even brought them flowers.


Amanda said...

I love her, she looks like a little doll! Her hair also looks great! You should be proud!

Karen said...

It SO cute!! I love the color they were in. What a fun memory for her to have through these pics. Kelsie is the best! How thoughtful to bring them flowers! :)