Tuesday, January 28, 2014

6 months!

Little baby Jane isn't so little!  We took her to the doctor yesterday for her 6 month check up.  She is big!  Her stats:
Weight: 17.5 lbs  (75%)
Height: 27.75 in (98%)
Head circumference...like 63 percentile or something

Did you see that? 98th percentile!  Giant girl.

To compare, Ruby was in the 52% for weight and 85% for height.

 Jane loves Ruby, her dad, hopefully her mom, her jumpy chair, rice cereal, kisses behind her ear, when Dad pretends to eat her tummy, and watching Ruby dance.  My favorite thing about her (besides her amazing magical chunky legs) is how smiley she is. She has the most pleasant demeanor. She is just a happy girl.

She can roll, but doesn't often. She's almost sitting up by herself. She is okay with her exersaucer, but it ain't no thang.  She has very little hair! I can't get a clip in there at all.

 She is a fantastic sleeper.  Kyle puts her in bed at 7ish, I feed her between 4 and 5, and then I don't hear from her again until like 8 or 9. Naps during the day are a little bit harder but she generally doesn't complain too much. I just can't get her to sleep for more than an hour at a time.

She was so cute at the doctor. I love her big tummy. And she is SO drooly!

My sweet bunny.

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Kyle said...

I miss this baby! She's so cute, I can harly stand it.