Tuesday, January 28, 2014

january 28

Fun week!

Ruby had her first empanada, from Lomitos. So good.

Our big excitement this week was a visit from Grandma Barbara over the weekend. We took her to check out the Waffle Love store in Provo. Super cute! And delicious. My waffle card is already full...I can go get a free one!

Mmm Zupas.

We went to City Creek and Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Way fun.

It was a big Sunday for Ruby. She gave the talk in Primary! It was especially fun that her grandma could be there to watch her.

Ok so I shouldn't take pics in Sacrament mtg. but they were so cute together.

 We love when Grandma comes.

Today something amazing happened: I found the Elsa Magic Clip doll!  I have been looking for ages but have never seen it in a store-- and it's ridiculously overpriced online because it's so hard to find. I was so excited to buy it! Now Ruby doesn't have to pretend that Cinderella is Elsa anymore.

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Jessica Rabbit said...

That totally took me back to how overjoyed I was as a little girl to find exactly the toy I wanted. ;)