Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm home! I am currently blogging from my living room, where Kyle is watching The Departed on FX--I don't think I'm a huge fan. There are 9 cupcakes in front of me, and a little heart cake, but Kyle and I just don't feel like eating them. It's so sad. I made some killer chocolate buttercream frosting.

Katy and I sat and watched movies/shows for hours while making stuff for her Etsy shop. It was really fun--especially when we were watching The IT Crowd and 28 Days Later. Honestly, 28 Days Later is the zombie movie to end all zombie movies. I actually watched it twice while I was home. just because I couldn't stop thinking about it. The weirdest part is that it made me like Cillian Murphy. I have disliked/feared him ever since Batman Begins, even when he isn't in a bad guy role. But this movie TOTALLY changed my mind. I don't exactly recommend it to my blog readers, because it is definitely rated R for some reasons. But WOW it's so Danny Boyle, which is a really. good. thing. Who else could make a zombie movie something that is beautiful, moving, and a cinematic triumph?

Oh! If you need a book that is good and fun and light, read Sorcery and Cecelia. I like what Katy said about it on her book blog. I LOVED it.

I can't remember all the other things that I wanted to blog about. This will have to do.


The Boob Nazi said...

Feel no fear in recommending rated-R movies to me!

Karen said...

Thanks for blogging again! We missed you at Strandwood today!! Much love.

Jaclyn said...

If you're not weirded out by zombies and you're a reader, then try "Generation Dead" - glad you're home and recommending great things for us to enjoy.