Sunday, June 17, 2012

Solemn Vow

Oh em gee, guys.  The last time I treated blogging with such a cavalier attitude was when I was pregnant with Ruby and in the throes of morning sickness and too sick to sit at a computer.  I am not pregnant right now.  I just have 2 callings, a toddler, fun summer plans, and several posts I should have already written so now I feel pressure that I can't handle.  But today is the day. I'm catching up.  Things should really be split up in separate posts though, and I need to finish making this flyer for mutual and then go give it to the girls, so this is just me promising that today I will write 3 blog posts.

1. Camp
2. Highland Games
3. Other things I guess

Okay. Cool. Peace out.


Ashley Marie said...

I want to know about all those things! Jump on it!

Jaclyn said...

don't feel bad. I don't blog like I used to and I don't have two callings, a child, or a husband. you're doing great!