Thursday, May 31, 2012

catchin up

Ahhhh so behind....

I surprised Mom for Mother's Day.  Jennifer and I drove to California with our 3 kids, which went ridiculously smoothly.  Around 7 pm Ruby knocked on Mom's door.  Dad and Katy (who knew I was coming) almost simultaneously decided they had to go to the bathroom and made Mom get the door, which she was mad about.  She opened the door and just stared at Ruby for a while, trying to figure out how she could possibly be there. It was awesome!  Then there was lots of screaming and hugging.  I love surprising people.

 We went to the Cambodian branch on Sunday (my parents' calling) and it was different and awesome.  Ruby loves Cambodians.  Cambodians love Ruby.

My parents spoiled me with this gift:

These shoes make my life so much better.

Ruby loooooved the chicks that Mom got for her class. And reading with "Baba."

Katy and I made amazing GoT shirts for my family.

Katy got Ruby a pimp Ewok shirt.

Ruby loved being in California. We went swimming every day and hung out a lot with Grandma Joyce.  She is obsessed with my parents and Katy.

The Relief Society brunch went well--my decorations were awesome.  Why in the world I didn't get a picture, I'll never know. I'm dumb sometimes.

My calling is going awesomely. (grammar?) It is my dream calling.  I love the girls and I love the leaders and I love being part of YW.  Camp starts MONDAY (!!!!!) and I'm teaching the combined YW on Sunday, so I'm stressing right now.  Teaching a lesson is one of my biggest fears!  I've been preparing like crazy though, so I think I've earned some help from on high.  It's on Individual Worth, and I'm busting out all my fave scriptures and talks for it.  It's good for me to study this topic.

Ruby is just awesome lately.

 On Memorial Day we had a picnic lunch in our new tent outside.  It is massively huge--too big to set up anywhere in our house.

On Saturday we had a dress-up picnic lunch in our living room.

Life has been good to us lately.

Yesterday we had a squirt gun fight with Caeden and Kerry that deteriorated into sitting in a bucket of water.

Ok that is all I can think of to get on the blog before my girls camp experience.  Thank heavens for Kyle's parents--they are coming Sunday night to take care of Ruby while Kyle is at work until Thursday. I have no idea what we would have done otherwise!  I am so grateful that I get to go.  Not only will I have fun with Kelsie and the other leaders and the girls, but I feel like we are all going to bond a ton and have a really great spiritually enriching experience.  And it's always fun to finally get to experience something that you've been planning for ages.  AND when it's over, I can finally relax a bit!  Maybe.  The day after I get back we're going to the Highland Games at Thanksgiving Point, where Clan Rose is being represented for the first time!  I gotta get a tshirt.  Constant And True, baby.

Now I just need to get through my lesson on Sunday and not die of anxiety.


Bryce said...

I ask this without judgment: Have you found a place to watch a censored version of GoT? If so, do share.

Jennifer Ricks said...

What a big girl! Good luck at camp! And with your lesson. Call me if you need me to help watch Ruby at the end of next week.

Becca said...

Bryce-- I wish. I haven't watched it, just read the books. I am dying to watch it but so far have managed to resist temptation. I'm editing the books as I read them so my family can enjoy them guilt-free. I'm halfway through book 5 and on my 3rd roll of white out tape.

Marissa said...

I'm sure you are awesome in YW! I would think you were awesome if I was your YW girl :) Have fun at Girls Camp! I am having total calling envy right now :)

Katy said...

SO glad to see all the pictures! And as I make my way thru the books, it's even more fun to have my own Tshirt. It's very hard to get through these last weeks of school with all the intense work and craziness when part of me is wondering what's going on in Westeros. PS this is mom, not Katy.I'm just too tired to go through the hassle of kicking her off MY computer!