Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Party

I can't believe my baby is 2!

Ruby's Yo Gabba Gabba party was so fun--Christy outdid herself with the party decorations.  She made this adorable Brobee pinata.

She drew this game of Pin the Flower on Foofa.

Put together balloons to look like the characters.

And made this Brobee cardboard cutout.  All the kids posed and got an Instax pic of themselves, which was super fun.

Even though we invited more people to this than any other party we've had, this one was relatively easy for me to throw, probably because Christy did all the work.  Ruby was so happy.  The games were fun, the pizza and cupcakes were good, and Ruby got really fun presents.  (As the mom, I am SO excited when she gets presents.)

Ruby had so many wonderful friends to invite.  We are so grateful for the people who bless her life and ours!

And now she's 2.  Now we have to deal with a toddler bed, potty training, the dentist, and worsening tantrums.  Buuuut she also gets cuter every day, so I look forward to it.


Katy said...

Thanks for all the pictures!!

Celia said...

Best party ever. I love this SO much. I am so sad we weren't there!

Katy said...

Looks go great! What a perfect day. Great photos! Thanks for posting for we who couldn't be there! (mom)

Amanda said...

SOOOO cute! I love it! the balloons were oddly my favorite. They were such fun details!

Christy said...

It was such a fun party. Love all these pics (especially the one with you opening presents with ruby-So cute!) It was a perfect day!