Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summertime Socializing

It feels like I've been up to a lot lately!

On Thursday I went to a delicious Rice King lunch with Caitlin and Kayla! Kayla was in town for a week, so I saw her for the first time since my freshman year of college. Her baby Wes is ADORABLE, as you can tell from her blog. I was so happy to meet him! As the 3 of us are pretty into blogging, and have a strong blogging relationship with each other, you'd think that one of us would think to take a picture for our blogs. Unfortunately, we didn't.

That night I went to the bridal shower for Hillary. She is Celia's roommate, and is marrying Caitlin's brother. We had a great time eating pie and drinking limeade. It's the first bridal shower I've been to since mine! It was super fun--Caitlin did a good job putting it together. Isn't Hillary adorable? I swear she is just the prettiest girl!

Friday was exciting as well. After meeting Kyle for dinner and going shopping (I got cute Gap jeans for $6!) Celia and I got dressed up and went to Coreyann's wedding reception! I can't believe Coreyann is married! She was a gorgeous bride, of course. Celia and I had a great time in Lehi with the friends we saw there. I also fell in love with a tractor. We visited Katy P. at Ikea (I have gone to Ikea every single week since I got back to Utah--is that 6 times now?) and had fun chatting with her. And buying exciting treats from the As Is section--MY FAVORITE.Saturday was AWESOME. Celia and Kyle and I made a trip to Costco, and Smiths, and then had a fantastic barbecue with just the three of us! Well, four, if you count Toby, which we do. We sat in the shade at Kiwanis Park while Kyle fired up our cute new grill that we got for our wedding. Kyle is truly a man now that he's made the womenfolk some hot dogs and hamburgers. We ate ourselves sick and lounged in the park--it was incredible. Then we visited some awesome antique shops on Center Street, which is one of my new favorite things to do. The owner wants us to get the word out about his shop. Cat's Cradle on Center Street. You should go there. It's beautiful. Celia got a gorgeous necklace that I'm in love with, and we almost got Kyle some awesome Czech cuff links.
After a two hour nap, Kyle and I went to a pizza party at Carrie's! It was fun to go to Park Place again, and reunite with some old friends there. We made an awesome pepperoni pizza and continued to eat ourselves sick. We love doing that.

After the party, Kyle and I went home and watched a scary movie, 1408 with John Cusack. Neither of us are very good at watching scary movies--but Kyle won it on his last day of work at Platinum (YAY!) and so we had to watch it. And it was STUPID but of course we were scared silly!


TheMoncurs said...

Yay Rice King and antique store! It was so so so great seeing you guys. Too bad we live so far away. Sigh.

Katy said...

I am unendlingly jealous of all your fun activities! Let's re-do this weekend, say, the first week of September?

Christy said...

YEah last day of work in that hole! I'm so gld he gets week off before he starts the dream job,

Caitlin said...

Yeah for antique shopping!! I am SO excited to finally go get my ring. Geez.

That's all.
Also, I thought lunch was so nice! I like you girls so much!

And you and Kyle are my inspiration for newlywed life. You are just too cool and not all weird and holed up in your apartment. Congrats.