Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm home!  Utah greeted me warmly--that is, with no snow.  I am eternally grateful.  It snowed the next day, but WHATEVER.  Kyle picked me up at the airport, along with Council Bluffs and Emily.  We headed straight to Star of India, a really great Indian restaurant in Salt Lake City.  We had a great time--even though we got a parking ticket.  Oh well.  After we got home, Kyle got to show off the cool things he's done around the house while I was gone.  He's so great!  He worked hard and the house looks GREAT.  There are a couple things I need to take pictures of and post, but my camera needs to charge.  Oh man including the COUCH.  It is here and it is BEAUTIFUL.  I love it.  I used to love going out and doing stuff and being busy, but now I'm so obsessed with my house that I hate leaving it.  I would rather just sit here and bask in the glory of my home. It's so cozy and comfy and pretty.  And being back with Kyle again makes me so happy.  He got a haircut and looks adorable!  He's just so cute and fun to be around.  I missed him a lot.

The ONLY problem (other than the weather) is that I miss Lucy.  I uploaded pictures today and it didn't help.

Snow White in a bookstore. She wore this in the Disney store at the mall and the other little girls went wild.

Christy (and Lucy) makes AMAZING waffles.

A Sleeping Beauty dress too! The girl is spoiled.

Uh oh.  This is what happens when you don't let her take pictures too.

Yep, she's full-blown sad now.

I LOVE when Lucy gets sad. She looks all mopey and walks to the nearest surface where she can lay down her head.  If we're lucky, she does a Jasmine/Cinderella/every other princess-esque heaving shoulders cry. Then you ask "Lucy, what's wrong?" and she says "I so sad.  Becca {or any other offender} say no."  Sometimes she does this even if I say no to wanting a pear or cracker.  She hates no.

She's pretty easy to cheer up though.  Especially if you have a good book.

I talked to Lucy and Mom on the phone today.  Mom says that Lucy talks about me a lot and anytime they go somewhere new (church, Mom's school) she thinks that I'll be there.  Poor baby!  Poor me!  I miss her like crazy!

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Missing you like crazy. But how fun that you are there to see all the cool things that Kyle did. We can hardly wait to see you guys.