Monday, November 9, 2009

Last week

On Wednesday Nancy and I drove to Salt Lake to see Pioneer Woman!  She came to SLC as part of her book signing tour for her new cookbook.  And we love her.  Immensely.  Unfortunately, the tiny little bookstore was PACKED.  We were too late to be able to go in and get our books signed.  BUT she walked right by us (as I was fumbling for my camera).  She and her mother-in-law and sister-in-law (who we also read about and love) had to wait around the back while their agent got some keys, and Nancy and I tentatively stood near them.  There weren't any other people, and we obviously should have gone up to them and at least asked for a picture with PW.  BUT Nancy and I aren't the kind of people who do that!  I was kicking myself afterwards, but oh well.  It's just not our style.  It was so fun to see her in real life so up close.  This is the only picture I got:

At least you can tell it's her?

Afterwards, to make up for not getting our books signed, we stopped by the mall in Sandy to get some ice cream from our friend Julie Blodgett's new ice cream place in the mall.  It was freakishly good!  It was the first time I've had Blue Bell ice cream--and oh man.

It's right by a giant Forever 21, so it's pretty much heaven.  I would definitely recommend Boardwalk Ice Cream to anyone driving through Sandy.

On November 5th, Celia and Ashley and I took Guy Fawkes day to heart.  In keeping with our old tradition of burning things, the 3 of us wrote down things we wanted to do away with (mine included laziness, some old grudges, and spending too much money, among other things) (I liked how Celia burned sleep deprivation) and burned them.   It felt just like old times!

Our little effigies

There go all of my bad qualities, up in smoke.

You have to pose tough when you have ashes on your face.  We're all on the verge of laughing though.

Kyle finally saw Harry Potter 6 on Friday!  Can you believe he's gone so long without knowing what happens in the end?  I almost ruined it for him a million times, but I managed not to blow it.  I just don't know how you can be a human in America and not hear about it.  Before the movie we ate pizza muffins.  After the movie we got Blizzards from Dairy Queen with Katy and Ashley.  After DQ Alan came over we all ate apple pie that Katy made.  I think we were all a bit regretful when we went to sleep that night.

On Saturday, we spent a lot of time and money at Tai-Pan, which is an AMAZING place.  A wholesale home decor warehouse?  COUNT ME IN. Then we went to Ikea and got to buy things for our house.  It was, for some reason, even more fun than usual.  Every little new addition to our house is inexplicably SO EXCITING.  Like, we bought a new utensil drawer divider and it THRILLS me.  I LOVE our new juice pitcher.  New everyday plates and bowls?  OH MAN YES.  This is just getting ridiculous.

A week from today I'll be seeing JASON and the rest of the So You Think You Can Dance top ten!  I really hope Kayla and Kupono do the addiction dance that I'm obsessed with.


Celia said...

That was a GOOD week!

Katy said...

OH MY GOSH I'm so glad you have a link to the addiction dance. Ironic that something about addiction is so addicting? MAYBE.

Celia said...

Did Kyle cry when he saw Dumbledore MURDERED!??

HAHA! I just ruined the ending for those who haven't seen/read Harry Potter 6.

Rica said...

I'm glad people other than me celebrate Guy Fawkes day! Too bad I didn't this year...I was busy packing for Boston.