Friday, November 13, 2009

Tomorrow I am going to California!  I could not be more excited.  The main reason I'm going is to help Christy out--having a husband going through chemotherapy and a 2 year old daughter is rough.  She's a total champion mom/wife/person so she's totally handling it, but it makes me feel good to try to help in any way.  Oh, and "helping Christy" basically means hanging out with Lucy, which immediately translates into "having the time of my life."

I'm also going for the So You Think You Can Dance tour in Sacramento, which I think I've mentioned 8 million times on here.  It is going to be unbelievably fun to go with Christy.  Even aside from the fact that we love the Top 10 from last season, it's just cool to do something fun with just the two of us. I'll take lots of pictures.

Other fun things that I can't wait to experience next week:
--waking up because I hear Lucy (I'm staying at the Leininger's house so I can be readily available for Lucy hangouts)
--giving Lucy the quilt I've been working on (this is the LAST BLANKET I'm giving her, I swear!)
--seeing New Moon with Mom and Christy (YES we are, and we're excited. JUDGE AWAY)
--watching Princess movies a million times, I'm sure
--eating food that my mom has cooked!!!! (Mom, didn't you promise me tamale pie?)
--going on walks in the hills with Dad

My flight leaves early tomorrow morning.  I get to pack today and do the little last minute trip things, like charge my camera and make sure the house is clean so Kyle can enjoy his week alone at home.  I'm pretty sad to leave Kyle (I don't think I'll ever get used to it), but whereas I used to assume that the second we were apart from each other one of us will get killed in a freak accident, now I know that everything will be okay and I'll see him in a week.  I don't love leaving Utah for a week (Katy is sick and I won't be able to help, now I won't see Ashley for 2 weeks, our couch is being delivered tomorrow and I don't get to see it, and I'm missing Celia's birthday!), BUT California is warmer and has all of the above mentioned things to offer.  I'm  really excited.


TheMoncurs said...

Oh my gosh, if you wanted to come just play with my 2 year old for a few days I would likely name my next child after you.

Becca said...

Kayla, you have a deal. Becca for a girl, Switchblade for a boy?

Celia said...

I'll miss you :(