Sunday, December 6, 2009


Computers in my home:
1. Kyle's laptop.  It is about 5 years old and a piece of shizzzzzz.  Sorry Kyle.  (He's kind of protective of it.) It is the slowest device on the planet and it has been my nemesis since I first met my husband.

2. The Mac.  A hand-me-down from Christy and Danny.  It's Kyle's main computer and we love it. It's pretty old so it lacks the intel chip that makes it possible to watch Netflix instant play movies...which is a problem.   I'm still unsure of macs so I generally use my laptop, which brings us to...

3. My laptop.  It can't open or close and it won't read discs and has to be plugged in at all times and the fan doesn't work so it gets REALLY hot and sometimes just turns off randomly when I'm in the middle of something, but other than that it works fine!

4. THE NEW COMPUTER I'M ON RIGHT NOW.  Yeah!  I love it!  It's another hand-me-down from Christy and Danny (they have lots of random computers laying around apparently), and I just brought it back with me from California.  They told me it was old, chock-full of viruses, and may not even work.  When Kyle first started trying to get it up and running, it definitely wasn't working.  BUT we have access to a handy asset that I like to call Alan Broadbent.  He went to town on this thing and now it's our best computer!  I love it.  It's a little Dell.  It not only works perfectly, but it holds a charge! For like, HOURS!  This is basically the first time in my life that I've had a laptop on my lap that isn't plugged in.  It's beautiful.  I am having so much fun!

Thanks, Christy and Danny.
Thanks, Alan.

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Karen said...

Woohoo! And for free??? What's to love. Lucky you have an Alan to call. Some of us aren't so lucky.