Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kyle Shmyle

My last post of last year was about Kyle.  I think that's a good tradition.  For some reason, it seems too mushy on his birthday or our anniversary...but on Decembr 31st, anything goes.

This past week in Amarillo I got to appreciate Kyle's childhood in a new way. It was so fun to see his old houses, his schools, his favorite hangouts, and meet his old friends. I got to hear a lot of stories.

 Let me just say, he was an incredible kid.  First of all, he was FREAKISHLY CUTE.  I want to have sons just based on the hope that they will be mini-Kyles running around.  I've never seen such an adorable child as Kyle (specifically at around age 4 in his bomber jacket).  If we could find the scrapbook of baby pictures that his mom made, I would figure out a way to scan them and put them on this blog because OH MY GOSH.  SO cute.

He was a funny kid--he was always looking for ways to make money (which he then ironed and kept in his "bank"--and then loaned it to his older sisters, charging interest of course).  He talked really fast (like, unintelligibly so) and actually took years to learn his sisters' names--they were first The Blonde One and The Brown-Haired One, and then they were The Mean One and The Nice One. I think he knows who they are now :)  He had many pets who he still speaks of fondly, but most of them died because of the carbon monoxide leak in his house.  The little ones died, anyways.  The dogs lived (even after he accidentally drop-kicked the chihuahua--that's a really funny story).  He got in fights at school, but I'm pretty sure he only fought in defense of his friends.  He was so tough that in 3rd grade, he had an earring for at least a month (on the non-gay side).  There's still a little scar on his ear.  When Kurt Cobain died when Kyle was like 9 or 10, he decided that music was dead to him forever.

In middle/high school, he was just so cool.  He was a punk skater boy, but all the moms in his ward wanted their daughters to date him because he was so polite.  He had an occasional mohawk, but he also made a goal to dance with girls who never got asked at the stake dances.  He hung out with the "bad" kids, but Kyle never once drank, smoked, or even cut school.  He was a cool kid, but he was also a really good kid.  I know that I would have liked him in high school.  I get the feeling that everyone did.  This year, a kid who Kyle knew at home went on a mission (his friend's little brother).  In his farewell talk, he actually quoted Kyle from the pulpit, something that Kyle said in his farewell talk.  Something he said YEARS AGO and it just really stuck with this kid.  I know that Kyle was a great example to the kids in his ward and they looked up to him.

Kyle was an incredible kid and is an incredible adult.  He turned out great.  He is a phenomenal husband and I know that he's going to be an amazing father.  That's not an announcement, by the way--I just really look forward to seeing Kyle as a dad.  He's a great guy to have by your side--hard-working, funny, and incredibly handsome.  And oh man, his latest songs are "Hold me Closer, Tony Danza" and "He Ain't Heavy, He's Danny Glover."   I love when Kyle sings--especially his songs. SO FUNNY.  It is so cool to be married to Kyle Robert Vaughn.

Anyways, love and rainbows and kisses aside, KYLE IS AWESOME.  The end.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of Kyle from 2009:

For Valentine's Day we fulfilled my dream of going to a Monster Truck Rally.

He cut his finger while doing the dishes- we spent Friday the 13th in the emergency room getting him stitches.

At Amanda's wedding in Boise--us friends had fun at Jack In The Box.

Holi with my husband was a dream come true!

I love this face. From Lucy's 2nd birthday party.

We celebrated our first anniversary in Hawaii!

Another Hawaii picture--we went to Duke's for Hula Pie.

For Halloween, Kyle was smuldering.  I can't believe I said that. And I can't believe I never thought of that pun before.


The Boob Nazi said...

HE NEVER CUT CLASS? I don't understand what that means. I can't comprehend....

And your smuldering thing was awesome. I kind of convulsed because I was laughing so hard.

Jaclyn said...

I love the description of Kyle in high school. He's exactly the person we all wanted to hang out or even be. Glad he's yours!

Whitney said...

so this is in reference to your last post but you guys have a braums in amarillo?! I LUV that place-had em' in OK growing up and we just went back over the break and their mixes are soooo good!

Becca said...

Braum's was awesome! Kyle and his friends used to go there all the time. I'm glad I finally got to try it--soooo good!

Cait said...

Tim cut his hand doing the dishes too! I forgot about Kyle's mishap. I love that our husbands do the dishes.... And I want to see tiny Kyle pictures!