Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How I am, social engagements, and life coaching

Kyle and I decided that today I would get better.  Miraculously.  Not only is it a beautiful day outside, but it's also the beginning of my 2nd trimester!  I have longed for this day.  So far it is the exact same as the previous weeks and I have thrown up everything I've tried to eat or drink, but I won't let that get me down. I'm just happy that time is passing.

This weekend was certainly social and eventful:

  • Friday: party for Amanda and Jack, my apt. filled to capacity, we all ate a ton of food
  • Saturday: hung out with Amanda and Jack all day, actually left my house and went out in public!
  • Sunday: dinner at CB's because Gavin is visiting, Pi Day celebration at my house complete with pi presentation from Alan, chocolate pie from me, and key lime/Sour Patch Kids pie from Ashley

After months of rarely seeing "people" this was like going from 0-60 for me.  I was exhausted yesterday from my exertions.  I can't wait for this energy boost that people say will hit me soon.

Another cool thing is the business that we now own!  You know about this if you've a) seen us recently or b) read this blog post.  Kyle has been working really hard on this since January.  The work he's done with pro bono clients has gone really well.  It turns out life coaching is nothing like what I thought it was (not that I had a very clear image of what it was in the first place) and, of course, Kyle is totally awesome at it.  He's learning a ton, his clients are getting a lot out of their sessions, and I really enjoy talking to him about the ideas he is using.  A lot more people are interested in being life coached than I ever imagined, at least when it's free--Kyle had to turn people away because he only had time for a certain amount! Now we just need to find out who will do it and pay for it too.  I think it's really cool that Kyle realized that he wanted to do something different from what he planned for his career.  He loves molecular biology, but isn't fulfilled by doing quality control.  Life coaching is much more satisfying and we've discovered that he is quite passionate about it!  I'm really happy that Kyle is excited about this and is really going for it.


Anonymous said...
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The Boob Nazi said...

I hate anonymous spammers.
I love being social. yay! I hope you feel better!

Jessica Rabbit said...

I think you are some of the most interesting people I know, and I heartily congratulate you for being AWESOME.

Becca said...

Jessica, that is high praise from someone who is about to MOVE TO JAPAN. GOSH.