Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Which I Gush About Good Things

The Hokulia Shave Ice stand is open!  I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.  This stuff is UNREAL and unlike any shaved ice I've ever had.  It's all the way by Helaman Halls (probably the one reason I regret leaving Provo--we're now like 20-25 mins. away) so I promised Kyle we wouldn't have to go every day--but maybe like 3 times a week?  Ok twice?  What is acceptable in this situation?  We went on Monday and it was every bit as good as I remembered.  They have a ton of new flavors (Kyle tried and enjoyed the strawberry cheesecake) but I am unable to order anything but black cherry.  It is just the best and why would I risk having something less than perfection?  ANYWAYS I constantly think about the next time I can conceivably go and get one.  They have irregular hours, which is the only drawback.  Last summer we often would drive (like 4 mins.) to get one and they were closed.  The disappointment of that after 25 mins. would be DEVASTATING.

Over the weekend Kyle's anniversary surprise was AWESOME.  We drove up to Salt Lake to stay at the Grand America Hotel!  Guys.  Wow.  This hotel is MAGNIFICENT.  I have never known such grandeur. I am so obviously a little poor gauche girl, because I spent the weekend gawking at the finery instead of taking it in stride.  Being surrounded by such luxury motivated Kyle to get really rich and have that all the time, but I reacted differently--I kept thinking about how awesome it would be to work in a place like that!  I could TOTALLY man the expensive (for us) continental breakfast in the lobby lounge (awesome croissants), or keep the public bathroom stocked with paper towels.  OH wait they don't even USE paper towels, they are far too fancy for that, they have elegantly stacked hand towels.  And every stall is it's own little room with a real door, marble floors, crown molding, and crystal chandelier.  Yes, even the public bathroom was exciting.  To say NOTHING of the bathroom in our room--I am still pining for it.  I never dreamt that I would ever stay in such a hotel.

What else can I gush about?  How about this quilt that Ashley made me for the baby room?  She knew I wanted purple and green and then spent her whole spring break at home sewing this.  I LOVE it.  It's beautiful and exactly what I want the room to feel like.  I think most of the things I get will be bird/tree oriented.

Speaking of which, I've just about decided what decal to put on the wall over the crib.  We don't want to do anything permanent like paint it, and I am nowhere near crafty/talented/confident enough to just paint a tree myself.  So we decided to go vinyl decal, and I think I've decided on this one:

It's pretty cheap and I like the swirly branches and fat bird.  There aren't too many things going on and I like to keep it pretty simple.  Those won't be the colors of course.  I'm thinking white branch (on our light brownish walls) and lilac bird (because I don't like the shades of green they offer).  It's girly but not like FLOWERS AND FAIRIES!!!!!!

And finally: Kyle felt Velocity kick for the first time last night.  I don't know why, but I have been really excited about that happening.  It can finally be real for him too!  And then Velocity/pregnancy made up for all the preciousness by keeping me all night with terrible heartburn.  Do you know how hard it is to sleep propped up while not sleeping on your back?  YOU CAN'T.  I nearly broke my back trying.

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Kyle said...

Now that I've felt a kick, I GUESS I'll believe that you're really pregnant.