Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is it just me?

This commercial makes me tear up EVERY TIME:

Is it just the pregnancy hormones, or does that grandpa evoke weirdly strong emotions in anyone else?  Is it because that is what Morgan Freeman is going to look like when he's old, and a grandfatherly Morgan Freeman is just too much loveliness for me to handle?

In other news, I am non-pregnancy-related sick, but other than that everything is great.  I love going to doctor appointments (which I did yesterday) because I get so much positive feedback. I leave the office feeling like: I have great blood pressure! My weight is awesome! My sugar levels are phenomenal!  Congratulations to me on not being anemic!  Keep up the good work!  I am awesome at growing a baby!  

Velocity is also doing really well.  She's measuring exactly where she should be, her head is already down, her heartbeat's strong, and all that great stuff.    She made the doctor laugh when she moved around a TON when he pressed on my stomach.  I think it's crazy that she's already about 4 pounds and 18 inches.  That is a weirdly big object to carry around in my stomach.  And she's probably going to double in weight before the end.

Mostly I'm just impatient.  I still have TWO MONTHS LEFT.  Also, if I could stop having a really terrible sore throat, that would be awesome.  It would be nice to be able to speak again.


Kyle said...

Wow. 2 months to parenthood. Crazy.

Jennifer Ricks said...

When I was pregnant the Allstate commercials made me tear up constantly. It was ridiculous!

TheMoncurs said...

I felt like doctor's appointments filled the void in my life left by getting grades in school. I missed getting As on things (sweet validation) but just about every time I left the doctor I felt like I got an A in being pregnant. Blood pressure? A. Weight gain? A. Healthy habits? A. General awesomeness? A+.

Cait said...

My appointments with my midwife were a huge self-esteem boost for me. I seriously rocked at being pregnant. But apparently so do you, and Kayla, and probably a billion other women. It doesn't make me feel any less awesome though. Good work on growing little Velocity. I'm sure you'll be an equally awesome mama.

Lisa said...

I cried too, but that's not saying much since I'm also pregnant and EVERYTHING makes me cry. So exciting that you only have 2 months left! Congrats on being so awesome at growing a baby! YEAH!