Monday, November 1, 2010

Ruby Baby

So, when I was a kid--and teenager--and heck, even now--I was sad that there weren't any "Becca" songs.  I don't know any songs that even mention my name, let alone have my name as the title. I do have the novel Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, which is cool, except Rebecca isn't exactly the heroine of that story.  ANYWAYS, something cool for Ruby is that she has some awesome songs about her.  The lyrics aren't even dirty, which is a relief.

"Ruby Tuesday" is of course the #1 awesome song for Ruby.  It may even be the reason why I love the name, even though she isn't really named after the song. The best is of course the original Rolling Stones version, although I love the beautiful Franco Battiato cover that I first heard in Children of Men , played when one of my favorite men of all time DIES.  It is VERY EMOTIONAL for me.  Katy and I decided to play that version at Dad's funeral.  (Dad is the reason we love this song.  I guess he is indirectly the reason we named our daughter Ruby.)

Ken alerted us to the existence of the 50s song "Ruby Baby" by Dion.  And HELLO it's like perfect to sing to my baby.  I have a baby named Ruby. Come on.  It's a good "sing to your baby while hanging out and having fun" song.

"Ruby Sees All" is a Cake song. I don't have any particularly strong feelings about it, but it's a good song and I love Cake (and cake) and Ruby will think that's neat when she is older.

"Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town" is a pretty famous song.  I first heard it in A Life Less Ordinary, one of my favorite movies, so I'm a fan.  Sung by a ton of people, mostly famous because Kenny Rogers sings it.  My iTunes library just has the Killers version.

I recently discovered "Ruby" by the Kaiser Chiefs.  And I love it!  It is a REALLY fun song to sing and her name makes quite an appearance.  Fun and upbeat and dancey.

Ruby is lucky.  I feel like I did her a great service by providing her with such a great name.  Clearly, everyone else also recognizes that this name is awesome, because why else would they write songs about her? Man, this girl owes me.

(And ok, I just googled it and apparently there are a couple songs with my name in them, but they didn't exist when I googled it in high school and I've never heard them so basically, TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, music industry.)


Katy said...

I would listen to the songs now but lucy is watching angelina ballerina and i don't want to a get shiv'd with a Barbie foot so i'mna wait till later. no worries though i will know them all by heart by the time it is my turn to put ruby down for naps.

TheMoncurs said...

There's this awesome song called "Along Came Jones" about a slow walkin' slow talkin' cowboy that saves Sweet Sue from a bad guy trying to steal her ranch. We sing it at our house all the time.

Ruby is lucky to have so many songs!

Miss Frazzled said...

You had google in high school?

kate said...

you forgot Ruby by the Apples in Stereo! I thought of that song when you named her Ruby.

Whitney said...

man you and ruby are lucky! I google songs with my name and all that comes up is Whitney Houston songs which....don't actually have the name "whitney" in them :(