Friday, November 26, 2010


We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  We watched Poltergeist and Far & Away, made an awesome meal with Katy and Ashley, watched a lot of Cake Boss (well, everyone else did--I took a 2 hour nap instead), walked to see the baby donkey (who I am in LOVE with), ate amazing pumpkin cheesecake and chocolate pie, decorated for Christmas, and watched my favorite X-Files Christmas special.

I am grateful for my baby Ruby.  She is a terrifically good baby who sleeps and eats well, and I try to remember that every day so I don't start taking it for granted and freak out when my next baby isn't as easy.  I'm grateful she was born safely--doctors and hospitals are awesome, because she would have died without them.  I'm grateful she is developing right on track and learning new things every day. It's exciting to watch her achieve milestones and figure things out.

I'm grateful for laundry stain remover, Ho Hos,  my cool Palm Pre, my Vera Bradley diaper bag, and the nice new sheets my mom gave me for my birthday.
I'm grateful that Katy is living with us for 3 weeks.
I'm grateful that Christy is pregnant with twins and Danny is fully recovered from cancer.
I'm grateful that Lucy loves Ruby so much and is excited to see us at Christmas.
I'm grateful that all my Christmas shopping is done.
I'm grateful for Mom and Dad, who have shown me so much love in my life, and now love Kyle and Ruby just as much.
I'm grateful for my friends who I get to hang out with--they cheer me up on hard days and have fun with me on great ones.
I'm grateful that my refrigerator and pantry are full of food (thanks to Mom's visit and subsequent Costco trip).
I'm grateful for my safe and awesome car.
I'm grateful that I can stream Netflix from my Wii.

I'm NOT grateful that there isn't a new episode of Supernatural tonight.  That is lame. I'll get over it though.

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TheMoncurs said...

Isn't modern medicine amazing? I always try to convey it without being overly dramatic but... seriously. Me and my kids WOULD NOT BE HERE if not for emergency c-sections and smart doctors. I'm glad that we're here and Ruby is here and that God gave us modern medicine so that could be possible.