Sunday, January 2, 2011

3 months

In her third month, Ruby weighs about 13ish pounds, and who knows how tall she is.  She's getting too long for a lot of her outfits, so we know she's growing.

Ruby is all smiles these days, talks all the time, and has started laughing at our antics.  She is happiest when she is standing up, or at the very least sitting up.  Her funniest cry is when we try to burp her in the middle of a feeding--she is just so MAD.  She is freakishly strong (especially her neck, legs, and core) and continues to be ridiculously good-natured.  Seriously, she is such a happy baby.  She rarely fusses and cries and is more often squealing with delight than anything else.  Almost every morning now she wakes up smiling.

Oh, and she has now managed to pee in her eye AND in her mouth.  She goes through phases of peeing while I'm changing her diaper.  It's pretty hilarious.

She's outgrown her swaddler, which I'm very sad about.  I now have to swaddle her with a blanket, which I'm proving to be very inexpert about, even with the awesome aden + anais swaddling blankets.  I'll get the hang of it.

Katy and I made this bib. IT IS PERFECT FOR HER.

I'm growing more and more in love with Ruby.  She is so dang cute, sometimes I can't even believe it.  It's almost too much.


Kayla said...

That pic of her with the binky and the bunny KILLS me. I want to snuggle her.

Nancy said...

Oh how she has grown! SO BEAUTIFUL! Are you back? When can you come for dinner?

kate said...

wow, how does she manage to pee on her face??? that's talent.

Kyle said...

Now we know what stories to tell her first boyfriend. "Ruby was an adorable baby! She peed in her eye and her MOUTH!"