Friday, February 11, 2011

The Chocolate

Ok.  If you live near Orem and like to be happy, you HAVE to go to The Chocolate, a dessert cafe on State Street.  Kyle and I went there on a double date last week and I just about died.

You walk in the front door and are greeted by the front counter--a display of beautiful, beautiful dessert items.  You choose what you want and roam the rest of the homey interior with your number.  They come and find you and bring your food when it's ready.  It's amazing. They call it a cafe, but it's just like you're in a house.  The upstairs bedrooms have tables and chairs and couches in them to sit and visit and eat.  A really great atmosphere.

The food is just--incredible.  I got a slice of The Cherub cake--chocolate cake with milk chocolate buttercream frosting.  Very basic, and very exactly what I wanted.  I also got a glass of milk because chocolate cake without milk is a travesty.  I should NOT have eaten the entire slice by myself (it was big!) but I couldn't help it.  There is chocolate cake, and then there is chocolate cake.  This, my friends, is chocolate cake like I've never known.

Basically, it was perfect.  Kyle and Alan got turtle brownies.  Kaity got the red velvet cake. There are many different cakes and cupcakes and various bars and brownies to try.  I'm sure they are all great.  But this is what it's all about: perfect chocolate cake, frosty glass of milk, and momentary nirvana.

It's really really busy on Saturday nights and hard to find a place to sit. When I went during the afternoon on Thursday, we had the green room to ourselves.

It's heaven. My only complaint is that there is, eventually, an end to the cake.


Shahana said...

It looks really great. Good choice!

Shahana said...

It looks really great. Good choice!

Whitney said...

I love that place! Cody and i went there awhile back and we got this thing that is basically a huge cookie and you can choose a different cookie for each half-i don't know how they did it, but we had half of a huge peanut butter cookie and half of a huge choc. chip cookie but it was one cookie in a circular pan with icecream ontop-heaven.