Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kyle's 27th Birthday

Kyle's birthday was GREAT!  I have been so excited about it.  Last night we went to Magleby's which I LOVE.  Their penne pasta and chocolate cake--YUM.  Buying dessert AND drinks at a restaurant is a big deal for us so we felt very celebratory.

I was so happy when he opened his presents today.  Kyle gave great reactions to the things I've been excited about giving him. The highlights:  two comic book display frames, which meant we went through all his comic books that he hasn't looked at for 15 years to pick his two favorites. They are now up in the office, looking very cool.  A tshirt that I knew he wanted:

He wore it all night, even after Ruby spat up all over it.  That girl.

The gift that has taken me ages is a book.  There are pictures on his blog, I'm too lazy to put them up myself.  Katy taught me some bookbinding skills and helped me gut an old science book and fill it with new paper.  Inside I glued cool stuff.  Some of his favorite web comics, a picture of Meatloaf with our favorite lyrics, Scott Bakula with hearts all over because Kyle looooves him in Quantum Leap, pictures of us and Ruby, and I wrote some mushy stuff about why I love him.  I also emailed some of our friends and asked them to tell me why they like Kyle.  People had GREAT (and funny) answers, which I put in the book.  I put a flap of paper over their names so Kyle had to guess who said what...I think he got every single one right.  It's nice that we all know each other so well.  Kyle was so happy to get it--it made me feel really good and successful.

We had some friends over tonight for Kyle's birthday party.  Ashley made incredible coconut cupcakes that Kyle requested, and adorable rhinoceros cookies because that's Kyle's favorite animal.  They were SO CUTE.  We had fun hanging out and playing a word association game that we all basically sucked at.  Eliza and Ruby were our main entertainment--they are both in such cute stages.  It was a really good time.

Showing off her cute shoes.

Seriously.  Those shoes kill me. 

Alan was pretty bummed when we told him he couldn't play with Ruby's exersaucer.


Chris, Chelsea and Lilly Edgren said...

Where did you get Ruby's shoes?! They are adorable!

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

Looks like his party was a success! Ruby looks adorable-what a cute outfit-and Ashley really outdid herself on those Rhino cookies! So cute. What a successful wife you are:)

Coach Vaughn said...

My birthday was fun! We should do it again next year!

Becca said...

Chels--they're Baby Gap.