Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Exersaucer Fun Times

I love Ruby's eyes.  So far they're pretty blue. I'm hoping they'll stay that way!

She loves her exersaucer. She usually has a hand on 2 toys.

Unless she needs both to cram something in her mouth, of course.

Check out how drooly she's getting.  It's actually not super often that she drools this much, and when she does, I'm there to wipe it off because I think it's gross.  Not this time though. Whoops.

At least she's enjoying herself.


Danny and Christy Leininger said...

So cute! I really DO want a nice camera-yours is actually able to capture what a gorgeous child you have. Glad we found that excersaucer-makes me want one even more now! Thanks for the beautiful pics!

Kayla said...

She's SO pretty. And if her eyes haven't turned yet then they probably won't. You've got yourself some blue eyed offspring!

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Jennifer Ricks said...

Maybe she's going to get teeth soon?

Brittany said...

Ruby and my girls need to be fashion buddies. They've got that dress too! And seriously, they should probably meet sooner than later. They're bound to be the best of friends.

Karen said...

Kills me not to be there!

Jaclyn said...

Ruby's eyes are transfixing. So beautiful-