Monday, April 25, 2011

I have two new nieces. With nothing to show for it.

These days are crazy! Last night my sister Christy gave birth to twin girls, Lydia and Joyce.  From the fuzzy phone pictures I've seen, they are beautiful.  Hopefully my parents or Danny will distribute some real pictures sometime soon, because we are all dying!  They were big girls too--Joyce is bigger than Ruby was, and Lydia is just one ounce less.  I can't imagine having two Rubies in me.  Crazy.

My other sister, Katy, is having an adventure in Colorado for the next 5 weeks, at the American Academy of Bookbinding. (Or something fancy like that.)  She gallivants around the Rockies in the snow, or rambles around the little cute town of Telluride.

What am I doing?  Nothing exciting or adventurous or noteworthy.  Can you tell I miss my sisters?  I am so used to having Katy around to hang out with.  And it's killing me that Christy just had babies and I'm not there to hold them and be with her! I love Utah, but come on.  I need to have Joyce and Lydia in my arms RIGHT. NOW.

I DID get to hang out with this little angel though:

His name is Jimmer or James, depending on whether you ask his dad or his mom.

Ruby isn't used to being the BIG baby around.
Baby Beck is darling.  Playing with him made me realize how much I miss having a newborn (for the cuteness factor...not the sleeplessness and constant feeding/poop).  He makes the CUTEST sounds when he's sleeping.  I loved having him purr in my arms.

Easter was really great this year.  We had some candy because Celia and I went to 5 different places on Saturday night, looking for Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Macey's finally pulled through for us!  Ruby and Kyle and I went over to Nieman's house and spent Easter with her and Alan.  We made dinner, had a picnic, played croquet (we won't say who won), and had a egg hiding contest (we won't say who won that either).  (Ok, yes we will.  The VAUGHNS DID!)  It was freakishly fun for some reason.  Next year, we'll actually have an easter egg hunt for our child, not ourselves.  I guess.

Here is a picture of Nieman looking really pretty and Alan looking funny because he noticed the camera:

And here's a bunch of pictures of Dad looking cute with Ruby.

Dad was here for a couple days and we had the best time driving around the valley, doing anything that struck our fancy.  Ruby really took to him.

If you need me, I'll be sitting over here, pining for my nieces.

(Also, it's funny that I have 5 nieces and 0 nephews.  Ruby only has girl cousins.)


Karen said...

The pictures of Dad and Ruby just compound my pain. I wish it were May 8 right now!!

Katy said...

Oh hey what unprecendentedly awesome pictures of Dad. YOU'RE WELCOME. :)