Friday, June 17, 2011

pseudo blonde

I'm spending as much time out in the sun as I can, in the hopes of making my hair go blonde again.  These hopes aren't high, and my hair is pretty much brown still.  BUT check out this picture I just looked at from a couple days ago:

This picture has not been altered in any way.

Pretty light, right?  Basically just the sun hitting my hair at the right angle, but it gives me hope.

That picture was taken right after Ruby got a handful of my homemade pineapple sherbet.  Little punk!

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Nancy said...

You make a beautiful blonde and a beautiful not-as-blonde-at-the-moment. There is no shame in hitting the bottle. :) Now, I can never be a blonde but those of you (and my daughters) who have blonde in their history are allowed to always be a blonde!