Sunday, June 12, 2011

Robot Bridal Shower

Last night was the epically awesome bridal shower for Nieman.  For years we've joked about having a robot-themed bridal shower for her, so it was amazing to see it finally come to fruition!  (Much like my own dinosaur-themed bridal shower that Katy planned for me.)  After many, many hours (days) of baking and making decorations with Katy, the party went swimmingly.  The only thing I wasn't sure of, because it wasn't in my control, was how many people would come.  I needn't have worried!  Nieman is so loved that people traveled for hours to get here. I'm glad we had a ton of desserts for them to make it worth it.

Unfortunately, the pictures didn't turn out at all like I hoped.  It was dark and the things I loved the most just didn't pop the way I wanted them to.  Plus, I was pretty dumb about it and didn't take many pictures at all, and some things just aren't documented.  This was a huge deal to me, so I'm bummed.  Oh well.  The ceiling was covered in yellow streamers, and we had garlands everywhere that Katy and I made. There were robot details everywhere, which were awesome.  I think a classy robot shower is quite a feat to pull off!

Pierce the Robot. Beloved to all.

My first paper straw experience. A delight!

The groom himself!

This little robot was ready for bed.

Brownie cut outs

Baby raspberry cheesecakes

Mini cupcakes

An actually really good sugar cookie recipe!

Kaity looking so cute
Kaity got some awesome presents, including a croquet set and a tree.  Her friends know her so well!  We had about 20 people in all.  The game was even fun, which I was surprised by.  I know this post sounds braggy, but it really wasn't all me--Katy did everything with me, and others helped. I needed this to be extra-amazing because it's Kaity Nieman who is getting married, which is a very big deal.

Now I just need to get working on things for her next bridal shower in California!


Christy said...

Hooray! Thanks for posting so fast. Kaity looked beautiful at her party. I love the grey behind your table-everything looked so cute and yummy. Now I'm starving (although that isn't new:)

Celia said...

It really was amazing. I had such a great time and was thoroughly impressed with the planning, decorations, and treats!!

Karen said...

Looks so cool and fun! It was fun to see the things that I heard about as you were making them. So excited that it is nearly time for you to come and work fun bridal magic around here!

Kaity said...

I am still in a state of residual shock from how delightful everything was. I can honestly say it was the best bridal shower I have had, so far! Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into everything.

Katy said...

High five, Becca. High five.