Thursday, August 25, 2011

we've been busy lately

Last week:

I cracked a tooth that turned out to be a wisdom tooth.  Half of it fell out (alarming!) so I had it removed.  Not fun.

Ashley and I ran a 5k.  Ok, I walked.  It was the day after dental surgery and I pushed a stroller, so cut me some slack.

I went to Coreyann's baby shower--it was awesome to see her cute baby tummy!

I went to a craft night at Megan's house and saw some old friends.

We went to the cool splash park with Ashley, Jennifer/Timmy, and Megan/Wyatt.  Ruby and the little boys had so much fun! I love that place.

Ashley moved to New York :(  But we had a lot of fun before she left!

My mom came for a few days and we had a BLAST.  We visited a ton of family and bought Ruby some birthday presents and organized things in my house and went to Costa Vida twice in two days.

Here are some of Ruby's adorable boy 2nd cousins: Noah, Jeremiah, and Jacob.

And now Ruby is sick with roseola.  Our wonderful amazing fantastic pediatrician (I really do love him) said that it made his day to diagnose her--he hasn't seen a good old fashioned case of roseola in quite a while!  He was downright cheerful about it.  I got a kick out of that. I had convinced myself this morning that she had sepsis, so I am thrilled with the diagnosis!

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Christy said...

Yeah you have your camera cord back! cute pics:)