Friday, September 16, 2011

Bathroom quotes

When I was a little kid, the mirror in the kid bathroom had a ton of good quotes on it, from apostles and the Prophet.  We read them when we brushed our teeth, went to the bathroom, took a bath, and eventually we had them all memorized!  I really liked that Mom did that. Soooo I've started putting some up around our bathroom.

They're pretty fun to make, so I can see myself covering our bathroom eventually!


Karen said...

I LOVE it. What a good idea--I had totally forgotten doing that in your bathroom until I saw it on your post. Dad claims he did it. Ha! I want you to make me some to put up in mine! :) With work and all these days, it would do us good to see inspiring words!

Jennifer Ricks said...

I LOVE these. You are crazy creative.