Monday, September 12, 2011

Jumpin' Jacks & Making Friends

We had a really fun weekend!

On Saturday, we invited some of our friends to go to Jumpin' Jacks with us.  It is a place with bouncy house toys to play on, it is way cheaper than Kangaroo Zoo, and it is right here in Springville!  I recommend it.  Ruby LOVES being bounced so we had a blast.  My favorite was going down the giant slide--without Ruby.

Then we went to dinner with the Broadbents and watched the second half of the BYU game.  BIG MISTAKE.  (Watching the game, not going to dinner. Dinner was delicious.) It seems like every time we actually watch a BYU game, we lose.  Things go a lot better for them when Kyle and I are oblivious.

Sunday was awesome!  Ruby was really good all the way through stake conference (I thought it would be horrible with her).  She totally crashed and burned at the very, very end.  Here she is looking grumpy on our way out.

And....we made friends in our ward!  Guys, this is a big deal.  Kyle and I cling to our old friends--we pretty much don't know how to make new ones!  We still don't know ANYONE in our ward--until yesterday.  We went to dinner at our upstairs neighbors' home, and had an awesome time.  Then we went to the ward walk-around--an activitiy designed to force people to get to know each other--and talked for a while with our downstairs neighbors.  And THEN our upstairs neighbors came over to play games.  (If you know Kyle, this is pretty funny.)  They introduced us to a couple fun games and we had a great time.  I went to bed so happy that we were being social in the ward and were making friends with the people in our complex.  It is going to make me enjoy living in Springville so much more!

Cute phone pic of Ruby in the bath:


Christy said...

I love that wide mouth smile she is doing lately!

Katy said...

More Ruby pictures please! GIVE ME WHAT I WANT AND I'LL GO AWAY.

Karen said...

I am so happy that you are making friends upstairs that I will forgive them whatever the buzzing noise is that comes on about 11pm and lasts until about 6 am...... Thanks for more pictures of Ruby--and for sending them to my phone on Sunday! :)

Celia said...

I am so happy you made new friends. I am also jealous that these friends get to hang out with you! I can't get over Ruby's cuteness. She is so beautiful!!!!