Saturday, October 1, 2011

Berry Picking

 I love U-pick fruit farms, and it's something I really miss about my home--going to Brentwood and picking peaches was a huge deal, even though I don't even like peaches.  I never really sought one out here in Utah, but I just discovered one and have now been there twice in a week.

It's called McBride Briar Patch, and it's located in Mapleton. No website, but here's their Facebook page with directions and info.  It is SO GREAT.  They are all out of blackberries (dang it) but their raspberries are going strong.  There are a million!  And they're only $3 a pound.  A STEAL.  The first time, I went with Kelsie and Landon and we picked 3 pounds between us.  That night, Kelsie and I made 2 batches of raspberry jam that is to die for.  (We also made 6 batches of plum jam that night.  I'm all jammed out!)

Kelsie hard at work

Sweet, sweet Landon. I adore this child. 
Cool tricks!

Ruby looooves raspberries now.  She could eat a million of them.

She got a tart one! I think this picture is hilarious.

I wasn't feeding them to her fast enough.

A couple days later, I went with Jennifer and Timmy.  This time, the owner was there. He is AWESOME!  It was way more fun having him there to show us a great spot, give Timmy a little Batman pail, and show Ruby where the swings were.  And we met their sweet dog, Belle.  Mr. McBride is soooo nice!  It really added to the experience.

I only got one picture, on my phone, of that trip:

This time, I bought 1 pound to just eat fresh.  I thought it would last a day or two, and maybe we could have some with crepes.  Unfortunately, that evening Ruby and Kyle and I sat on a blanket in the grass to play. We ended up eating the whole pound.  Oh well--I think I'll have to go back!


Christy said...

yum! How fun-wish we had raspberries here. (too bad about the crepes!)

Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

That sounds like fun. I just realized too that the family is in our ward. Happy picking! :)