Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Birthday Week Time!!!

Birthday Week began yesterday!  We celebrated by having the Broadbents over for some stir fry. Birthday Stir Fry is awesome. Thanks, Broadbents.

Today there was a really great Birthday Week Debate, celebrated with the GOP presidential candidates.  Thanks, guys.  (Especially you, Mitt. You did awesome. And you looked very handsome.)

Tomorrow, I am going to get a Birthday Week Haircut and go Birthday Week Shopping for a post-Birthday Week family picture session. Gotta get something that will look cute with a present that is very mysterious and secret and I can't wait to open!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Thursday...actually, I don't know what our plans are on Thursday.  Probably some Birthday Week TV Thursday.  Thank, NBC.

It is weird to have Birthday Week celebrations that don't revolve around food.  Tricksy! 

I'm still going strong with my food changes, I am just bored of writing about it.  Things are good though--weight good, vegetables good, fruit very good.  If anything exciting happens, I'll let you know.


Christy said...

cute post. I love birthday week-wish I was there to celebrate it with you though!

Chelsea Edgren said...

Happy Birthday week Becca! I am SO impressed with your new "eating lifestyle". Keep it up!

Karen said...

Gotta love Birthday Week!

Celia said...

I want to be there :( Sigh. We could watch "How the Ghost Stole Christmas" and drink wassail that Katy made (after your birthday celebrations, of course). I hope you have the best day tomorrow, and I am DYING to see your hair! I bet you look hot!