Friday, November 18, 2011

Dream Dinners

Once upon a time, Ashley and I ran a 5k for a charity her grad school was supporting.  We were pathetic and slow (it was the day after I got my wisdom tooth out!  But I would have been slow anyways) but it was fun and for a good cause.  AND in the raffle afterwards, we BOTH won prizes!  I won 2 free milkshakes at Sammy's, which we used that night.  Ashley won $150 gift certificate at Dream Dinners.  Whatever the heck that is.

OH WAIT, DREAM DINNERS IS AWESOME.  We finally used the gift certificate last night and it was soooo coooool.  There is an incredible menu.  You pick 12 meals (of 3 servings each) (or fewer meals of 6 servings) (or 8 million meals if you feel like it), go in, and make them in IN AN HOUR.  Everything is all together for you to just combine ingredients and put in ziploc bags and take home and put in your freezer.  Ashley and I had so much fun!  And we walked out of there with a box full of meals. I am so excited to try them.  I am pretty sure they'll be good because they gave us a sample of two things from next months menu, and they were DELICIOUS.  Kyle is excited because we will finally have some real and fancy meals around here.  I go through phases with cooking, and right now is a fend-for-yourself kind of phase.  So now, we get to look forward to chicken yakitori, monte cristo chicken, baked potato chicken, baked chicken tetrazzini, sage crusted pork chops, chateau chicken with almond butter sauce, and other things that I don't even remember.  I know Ashley got some mango glazed salmon and greek shrimp pasta something or other.

ANYWAYS.  It was fun.  I am excited to have these meals in my freezer to bust out.  I wish it was cheaper so I could do it every month--maybe after Kyle tastes the food, we'll decide that it's worth paying money to do it all the time.  I hope so, because it was fun and easy and for some reason, really exciting!


Christy said...

I've seen those kids of places but never really got it-sounds great! I can't believe you could do it all in an hour. Yum. PS-I want a post about your HAIR.

Katy said...

chicken yakitori does not sound like a real thing.