Monday, March 26, 2012

Art Show

Last Thursday we went to BYU for my friend's BFA art show.  First we played around outside and let Ruby  run around Brigham Square.  Every single student who passed had to smile at her.

The art show was great.  Elise is extremely talented and it's so awesome to see how her style has changed over the years.  I remember staying up with her all night our freshman year, watching her finish a painting.  The next year, my apartment was covered with her art on our walls.  I remember those painting so well, and find myself missing them sometimes.

Ruby looooved being at the art show.  She charmed other guests and loved looking at Elise's pieces.


Chelsea Edgren said...

You guys are doing so many fun things! I love Ruby's dress. Adorable!

Christy said...

Love her rainbow dress-she looks so cute. I remember the paintings on your wall really well too. Glad Alise is still painting-she is so good!

Karen said...

So nice that Ruby has artistic sense! Plus she looks absolutely adorable!!!