Thursday, March 8, 2012

yay good things

I am feeling pretty happy today.  The sun is shining, hallelujah! I need to go outside and bask in it.  I've spent most of the day packing to go to California.  Ruby and I are hitching a ride with Christy and Co. as they go home for a week.  I got Mumford & Sons blaring as I packed up our stuff, which is a surefire way to improve my mood.


  • My peanut butter sandwich at lunch was unreasonably good.  
  • Kelsie is bringing me a treat from The Chocolate later today.  
  • Ruby is feeling better after being sick all week and throwing up twice.  
  • Yesterday I got an fun package from Celia.  
  • My mouth still hurts, but I don't need heavy-duty medication to manage it.  
  • I'm making plans to see Chelsea while at home, one of my best friends in high school who I haven't seen in years.  
  • Super Why is really rocking my world lately (and Ruby's).  
  • Kelsie brought over a ton of cinnamon rolls.
  • On Sunday I get to watch The Walking Dead with my whole family.
  • Super Tuesday was awesome. 6 out of 10 is pretty dang good.
  • Ruby wore squeaky shoes for the first time today. Hilarity ensued.
  • Kyle is coming home in ten minutes ish.
Tonight we're going to eat dinner in Salt Lake, and then Ruby and I are spending the night at Christy's pad so we can take off at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  With 4 little girls, all of whom are in varying states of sickness ranging from kind of sick to massively sick.  Pobrecitas.  I call not sitting in the middle back in between the twins' carseats!!!  (Yeah right. Christy is still very much the big sister and can boss me around with very little effort. I sit where she tells me.)

Think good thoughts for poor Kyle who is going to be alone all week.  Either that or invite him to hang out with you and have fun times together.


Christy said...

Glad you know who's in charge:)

Chelsea Edgren said...

I am so excited you have no idea! I told Chris about how much I am in love with our friendship and then he asked when was the last time I saw you.... OH! I don't know... YEARS!!! Let's end that!

Chelsea Edgren said...

P.S. Mumford and Sons ALWAYS makes me feel better.